Long Night

So Saturday had to be one of the most productive days I’ve had for quite some time, so much so that 8 hours passed between meals, as positive reinforcement to this good work I decided to pop down Tescos to pick up some treats. So I thought lets see if anyone else is awake and ask the housemates if they want anything.

So Katie appears to be ill huh? To the hospital you say? To the Millenium Canary! So after a rather impressively short wait of 15 minutes for an examination it turns disastrous with a culmination of 4 hours for treatment.

Whilst it might seem like a long-time it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, sure the NHS has its problems but it served it purpose tonight. As the computer with a IQ of 6000 on-board the small rouge one says Appreciate what you’ve got, because basically, I’m fantastic.

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