So many wasted hours

As a polite gesture on my part I decided to improve the quality of the software on my Grandparents computer. You read me right, Grandparents and computer in the same sentence without any derogative words attached. Basically both their PC and Laptop were running slow and I offered to reformat and reinstall everything. Taking me 6 hours, about a third of which involved collecting all of their files for backup.

Whilst working on their’s my dear young cousin’s was brought to them to be looked over, 500+ nasties my G-parents found, so whilst I was there I fixed his aswell. Note to y’all don’t use the ‘Bear Share’ download program, stick with something reputable, if there is such a thing in peer to peer downloading. So I’m on my second day now and dropping his off, low and behold my Uncles gone and wiped everything off his computer!! So now I have to do a multi-partition ghost data search and dump, the search took 5+ hours and the file dump took 15 minutes.

And since I found that their hard-drive came from Dell at a usage of about 100 GB of 150 GB I had to sort that out and reinstall windows and all their device drivers, I just wish Dell would include the most important one, the Ethernet card one then perhaps I might be able to update all other via the net.

Lessons learnt:

  • Family are very generous when you solve their computer problems.
  • Dell can’t collate install data nor install windows for the life of them.

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