Here’s To You

So last Friday I was in the middle of my trip to Birmingham and I get a phone call from an old friend in Milton Keynes who after pleasantries tells me that Sean, someone who I worked with has passed on.

I met him on my first day at my first real job after sixth form and we got on instantly. For the next 6 months before he left I learnt a lot from him, both about the job and life. I never told him this but he was a great mentor for me and I don’t think I would’ve done so well at that or any of my following jobs.

I’ve tried thanking in lots of little ways as I didn’t want to make him feel awkward about his passive mentoring. I haven’t seen him for the better part of a year so I hadn’t caught up with him but I’m told he had broken up with his fiancé recently, just after losing his job.

It’s incomprehensible when such negative events happens to someone who has given so much to those around him.

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