Traipsing Along

So I’ve now accumulated 6 days as a 23 year old. How do I feel? No different. What has changed about me since last year? Nothing monumental.

I’m still doing the University thing, still haven’t acquired a concrete finance improver, still doing lots of volunteer work for very little reward, still going camping. I suppose I am camping more now that I’ve more close friends across the entire country that I want to see as much as possible. Its all EuroJams fault 🙂 If I hadn’t spent a month sleeping in the middle of a international multicultural field fiesta I could’ve been in Bristol getting the jobs before the student exodus in Aug/Sep time and nabbed one solidifying my monetary status. Question is: Would I change anything? Hell No! So I’m content.

Recent escapades:

  • Had a couple birthday drinks.
  • Been Bowling.
  • Tweaked the Go Jamboree forum, making it more usable.
  • Handed in 2 assignments.

Not greatly interesting but at least you’ll have something interesting to read about after this weekend…

One thought on “Traipsing Along”

  1. What’s up of interest this weekend? can hardly wait to read all about it!

    glad you’re content after another year 🙂

    see you in less than 2 weeks (woo!)


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