Nottingham “Pirates Vs Robin Hood” Rally [not quite]

Not in Nottingham.

I should be just north of Nottingham right now on the Walesby Forest campsite, most likely prancing around with a bunch of Men in Tights for the Pirates of The Caribbean vs. Robin Hood Men in Tights SSAGO Rally.
But due to a automobile mechanical problem I have been unable to make it there. Don’t know exactly what it is yet but my best guess is that I’ve blown a gasket in the engine of my car.

Happened roughly 47 miles north of Northampton, driving along as you do and the engine ceases being able to accelerate so I pull over to the hard shoulder and attempt to restart the engine. No Dice. Now having been economically handicapped for several months I haven’t kept my phone connected so its off to the S.O.S. box.

Now I’ve never used this service myself nor know of anyone that has but take it from me its not at all scary. Funny thing was obviously they know which box does the ringing and from where according to them I was on the other side of the motorway! Turns out several connections have been mis-wired with all the work they’ve been doing.

So sitting around waiting for a tow one of the highway patrols stops nearby to check on me, one of them gets out and backs toward me ( its a safety procedure so they are facing the right direction to run away! ) so we get chatting and she notices my SSAGO Hoodie, turns out she is a local Warranted Guider!

Inevitably they have to leave and my tows not far behind, there has been an upside to this and that is getting to watch the completely bias England versus Portugal game with the majority of one side of the family.

The game went to penalties but would’ve been won much sooner if the ball didn’t keep getting given away. They should never allow a Portuguese Referee on a game where Portugal are playing, their players were diving left, right and centre, I’m just glad the ref had his head out of his arse long enough to recognise the offside goal and disqualify it.

So this is my first official rally miss, both as a SSAGOer and as and Exec. Hopefully there won’t be too many repercussions so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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