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If you hadn’t noticed I’ve given up trying to use msn-space, it was fun and exciting in January when I gave in to peer pressure to get one going but not only could I not update the pages in FF but when I did in IE there would inevitably be a crash and I would lose 30mins/hour worth of typing. Not to mention if in the future I decided to move I couldn’t export everything so I have had a browse around the web and seen what is available.

Here’s a wicked site that truly gives credit to the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, it mostly unstyled but the info is amazing, Blog Software Breakdown . If you’re looking to move away from msn space I would certainly look here first.

My key requirements were a database storage method, PHP, plugins no code edits ( I have to do enough of them as it is for phpBB ) and all the usual trappings you would expect from a blog; comments, photobloging etc etc.

In the end my criteria whittled it down to 3 contenders, b2evolution, Serendipity and WordPress.

Looking at it Serendipity seems like a new kid on the block compared to the rest, it didn’t quite get into the Google Summer of Code [proof] which took me back a notch or too but despite this it did have a few plugins I couldn’t find the equivilent of in other other contenders. The auto install was nice too, no need to download a plugin then ftp it into place just look click it installs, fantastic. A good starters for beginners.

Whilst WordPress seems to be the most popular for web gurus it lacked some plugin features the I really like the look of in Serendipity. It also seemed a bit much so my learning curve would be a little longer than with others.

b2evolution just didn’t really impress me visually or in the back end so despite its simplicity of install, and its gorgeously easy to read coding I decided against this one too.

My final choice was Serendipity, but after a week worth of adjusting it I found that some things weren’t quite what I expected, although their coders are very helpful and prompt through its forum in telling me what I wanted/needed to do I felt if this was the way I was going to continue I should get out now and have switched yet gain to WordPress. Which apparently can’t import from serendipity but Serendipity can import from WordPress. Having gone to WordPress and finding that a) not all the mods are compatible with the latest version and b) there isn’t a central official repository I quickly shifted back to Serendipity until there is as they say it’ll be very very soon*

So there you have it, why I chose my new blog, shiney, clever and robust so hopefully there should be more frequent updates! Not to mention a slew of other stuff!

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