Star Wars, Lightsaber effects and a Macbook

First I found this: MacSaber
You’ve all seen/heard about that kid who swung a pole around making Lightsaber noises, that got the mick taken out of him and then later had CG lightsaber effects added in making it cooler?
Well there’s the latest OMG thats so Geeky experience: Star Wars Kid macbook

Now I’m a big fan of PCs, I understand the need for Macs in Design and appreciate *nix systems for what they teach you about Programming. Surely this sort of thing alone puts a Mac way ahead of the curve! I mean whoa, your sitting at your desk in a cubicle working away and someone nudges you. So you pick up you Mac and swing it around, I doubt that person will be “accidentally” bumping into you again ( and hopefully not because your fired! )

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