Belchamps Party

Yesterday I was extended the honour of attending a gathering of fellow EuroJammers at the Belchamps Campsite in Essex.

Okay, its a fair trek for something so simple as a party but its certainly something to get my mind off tormenting thoughts. Knowing the Laindon Rangers, it would be drinks, dinner and cake, who could say no to cake?

I met some of their other leaders whom they’ve never mentioned before, can’t see why not they were both Witty and Sociable. One of them was reading Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, now some might get all judgemental at this thinking something negative, me I’m the curious sort. I want to know more than I already do and ask some pretty dumb questions, the first being along the lines of isn’t practising with others the best bit? alas with only so many hours in the day I couldn’t let it monopolise my time.

To put all your fears to rest the most important part to remember is that Wicca in the majority of its forms is a religion, some divisions emphasize magical practice whilst others focus on reaching balance with Nature. It should be not feared, frowned upon or insulted.

Campfire was awesome, couple of classics, some I’ve been taught before but couldn’t remember and some new ones, Boo-Galloo, Boo-Boo-Galloo!

After meeting a Southampton SSAGOer, eating Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate it was time to go, just as I started saying my good-byes someone blurted out, “but the gate closes at 10:30!” Checking the gate they were right, either pick a lock or try 8096 combinations! At 1 combination a second that would be 2ish hours so decided that I’d be too tired at that point to drive home and make best of the situation and left in the morning, I’m so hardcore!

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