The Gloucester County Camp

Day 0

Admittedly I’m only a few hours into the day but last night was a bit of a giggle, Derek and I had a rendezvous at Mary’s so we could get an early start today (that and the opportunity of hang out for an evening 😉 First order of business; Food. After a tad of coaxing Mary relented and gave in to using the impromptu griddle, its pretty nifty and tripod suspended free hanging griddle over a log fire, awesome.

Dampa Bread, Sausage, Burger (veggie and regular) mostly vegetable kebabs and onions. Seriously the setup is the stuff that dreams are made off, a smouldering fire with camp and deck chairs surrounding it. With no canopy overhead we got to see the evening sky turn a yellow, orange and red and finally a deep regal blue.

We sat talking about whatever crossed our minds ranging from ‘that hot young captain of the Enterprise’ to ‘I think the Clones in Star Wars had families’ with a game of digital yatzee here and there.

Leanne had a spout at making some cocktails, she made 2, haven’t a clue what they were called, the first one was extremely strong causing most to gag and the second a much improved smooth pineapple which I would’ve happily trade in my Snakebite and Black for.

That’s all so far and depending on whether or not there is a net connection at my desk in the media centre I might be able to drop a few more updates.

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