Day 1: Opening Day

On the whole nothing particularly happened of interest, the opening ceremony with a commemorative flying at half mast. It’s humbling to hear of the enduring generosity of others over many decades, hope I can keep my enthusiasm up for aslong!

Day 2: Fun Day

The camp finally gets into swing with a day of random activities but not before breakfast! Seeing as I’m just sitting there chatting with Derek and Mary I figure it would be rude to just sit and watch them so I dived in with the washing up. Quite a cushy day actually, with Breaky out the way there was little to do for lunch as it was a DIY job and dinner wasn’t for hours so it was a case of keep busy. Briefly spoke with Gary about getting setup but didn’t really make a lot of progress (neither person’s fault just a case of organising priorities) so I roamed the site grabbing a few interesting shots here and there. It must look a little weird for someone going around taking pictures with a punny camera, I felt the same at EuroJam I’m definitely going to have to start saving up for a fancier looking one for appearance sake!

A brief idea of what was going on around site in no particular order, Mountain Boarding, Grass Sledging, Poi, Juggling, Diablo, Devil Board, Unicycling, Martial Arts, Fencing, Spagetti making, Mazing Tilter, Iron Bead things, Giant Chess, Minor Pioneering, probably missing a few feel free to drop a few more below 😉

And to round up the days activities a global perspective speech by the National Commissioner for Scouts. Nice lady, asked me to setup an activity for her in the main tent, wasn’t at all pushy for it to be done any particular way which is always something to be liked by a leader. Then a performance by Captain Spanner and Nutty Nicky which was thoroughly enjoyable. I managed to instigate getting Colin up infront of the entire crowd, I thought he might set upon me with a barrage of friendly retorts but he seemed to let it pass by which I’m grateful for.

Watching Captain Spanner I realised the point of Clown being silly, its so if anything does go wrong they can shrug it off to their clumsy behaviour. The clown profession just became a lot more appealing since its a lot less stressful than the seemingly large demands for perfection these days.

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