Day 3: Caution, Scary Leaders and Pioneering

I didn’t really get myself in with the rest of the leaders on the first few days, mainly because they are working their little cotton socks of getting the site up and secondly as friendly as all Scout Leaders are they’re still older and wiser than me and it can be a little daunting to strike up a conversation where you want get something from them; I didn’t want to get lumped with fulltime washing up all week!

As I found out later someone else called ‘Chris’ usually takes photos, collects them in and writes a CD. Luckily Chris and his toes weren’t around for me to stand on so I was basically worrying for nothing but at the time I didn’t know this, again another occasion where caution has been a complete waste of time!

I came with the expectation of being worked off my feet taking pictures, sorting them and making some sort of CD. So far nought has come in so I’m feeling redundant so I’ve asked to help out on the onsite activities which has joyously put me on pioneering, I love making random structures, the more unusual the better! The left photo shows the tower I helped the Scouts make this afternoon and other is the swing they made a few days later whilst I was dealing with the photos that had started to poor in.

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