Day 4: Sleeping on a Hill, Invasion and a Rest

I slept on the hill last night with Wendy, Windy Wendy the pioneering structure that is! Nine of us camped out, a Fellowship of Campers if you will, Mary, Lesley, Ryan “Muppet”, Lil, Derek, Chris, Lee and myself. Josh wanted to join us but was lacking a bevy bag so had to tent it. We expected Sunrise at around 4am but being a hilly area the place was illuminated from then till sunrise at Six. Lesley had a bit of a fiasco keeping on her rollmat sliding down the slope as we all expected to.

Despite our late nights/early mornings we all managed to blow through getting the breakfast done which I was mightily impressed with but soon afterwards when Del was off instructing his rifling a certain well known leader inspected the kitchen under the guise of health and safety. Yes, okay, some of his point rung true but it was bad form to get the Explorers to rearrange someone else’s environment. They wouldn’t like it if we told his Unit to rearrange his site so why can he do it to Derek’s? So not being in a position to tell him how impolite he was I encourage a silent sit-out to protest against them. Depending on how self centred they were they might have noticed that only 2 kitchen staff were assisting as they couldn’t get away and the rest where just sitting, not chatting or playing outside. Suffice to say when Derek got back he was pissed and hopefully someone had a talking to that Leader.

However, I was starting to feel a tad tired around 3pm so in a fit of laziness I swiped Lil’s Blanket from outside the Mess Tent and laid out in the 3 Tent Marquee, not sure if it was the fact of it being a good idea of I was just setting a trend but Ryan, Jack and Rory crashed out too. Lil did get some very sneaky photos of us which I expect she might try to embarrass me with but in the interest of safety
I’m not going to show them here. Other than that the hours rest certainly did me a load of good and I managed to get through the evening.

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