So I barely managed to get some tequila out of the guy, I tried asking “Have you any tequila?” and he said no, clearly on the very bottom shelf there was. I asked “How big is it?” he said £12, I wanted the Volume of liquid! Anyway seeing limited choice this bottle combined with the pound of lemons put me over budget, heck I’m not going to fight over £3 so paid the difference hopefully Lesley will never know, my good deed for the day.

The campfire was enjoyable, sketches from across the groups, yellow bird done by me with some help from Chris and Derek, managed to whittle out 6 or 7 verses but bottled a little and mixed up the order. Glowsticks were all around illuminating the place beautifully, same I haven’t got a decent picture in focus to show.

The night produced an interesting round up of events, through random discussion we devised the prank of pranks, glow stick fluid in the Loos! Paddy and Christine both came out of the Leaders bar tent to use the loos, when they both got settle Paddy yelled out “What colour is your loo?” which got the whole group giggling away. Paddy came out and told us the leaders had been discussing the same thing by pure co-incidence. Another lady came out her reaction was a little different to the others, see exclaimed in the form of a mild scream, this was hilarious! A good prank which I hoped we would top tomorrow.

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