Day 7 & 8: Last Day

To the kitchen staffs surprise, a local Leader Dave offered to treat us all to dinner, so we were taken to an Inn just outside of Glangrwyney. Nice place, very rustic, I ordered the half BBQ chicken which was tantalising and managed to finally strike up a conversation that wasn’t fleeting with the GOAT Network which current are in a similar situation to where the Milton Keynes Network was a few years ago before the influx of all the explorers.

Next was a trip into town, I thought this was going to be a typical tourist thing walking around looking for souvenirs and what not but Lesley had something else up her sleeve. She wanted to find some thank you gifts for all the hard work and suffering the Explorers had grimaced their way through. I managed to pick up a marble, Blue with Orange to complete my set of 4, only a couple of years I’ve been looking for that one! Finally managed to drop into a Outdoor Shop and ‘Barter’ 5 travel cups and carabeena to attached them to whatever.

Also whilst we were there we picked up 2 more bottles of Tequila, apparently nowhere with 50 miles (okay slight exaggeration) sells anything but this ‘siesta’ silver Tequila and only in half litre bottles, what is the world coming to?

Got back around 5pm where I began a mad rush to get a presentation done for after flag break, everyone seemed to venture an opinion, some said Power Point, others Movie Maker and a few Media Centre somethings too. I managed to throw together Around 2 mins of footage which got some cheers.

I think the best finale act as Chris on his Fire Poi in the closing ceremony, still setting up the equipment I didn’t know until a little while in that he was off so having followed the crowd up to watch I ran back to the decks to throw on ‘Fire Starter’ for him to swing too followed by ‘Burn Baby Burn’. He was chuffed to say the least that he had some musical accompaniment.

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