Superman Returns 2006 Film Poster

Film Review: Superman Returns – The IMAX Experience

On the doomed planet Krypton, a wise scientist placed his infant son into a spacecraft and launched him to Earth.

Raised by a kind farmer and his wife, the boy grew up to become our greatest protector… Superman.

But when astronomers discovered the distant remains of his home world, Superman Disappeared.

This was my second viewing of this slice of cinematic history, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the 3D effects though, either it was the glasses being bent out of shape, just plain ineffective or my position in the theatre but I really didn’t feel part of the film. Falling with the plane as Superman tries to correct it’s tail spin was completely wasted on me and it all as a bit of a blur.

Whilst the special 3D scenes weren’t involving me the larger screen was, I didn’t feel like I was sitting in a cinema watching the action I felt like some watching events unfold. The opening felt much more like an adventure through space than before and the flashback sequences like home movies.

The IMAX Experience: Superb films, in a better cinema, with flaccid 3D effects for a little extra. Even better if you make sure you get a good pair of specs, a good seat and a free ticket!

Rating: 92%

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