New Blog II

As promised, it took me a while longer to get to grips with WordPress but once I did the whole thing unfurled before me. It’s so easy that I’ve even created my own little plugin for Tag display (not finalised yet but it works well enough for me. 😉 )

So what has been lost and what has been gained? I’ve currently lost the photo album facility and sidebar random image which is slightly annoying. I’ve gained the Post Tagging Facility, I’m sure Serendipity has its own version I just never used it, with WordPress its been as easy as 1,2,3 getting up and clouding away. I’ve also gained the ability to create multiple menu bars so the useful stuff is at the sides and the interesting but not entirely critical stuff can go at the bottom.

Overall I’m very satisfied with WordPress as a program, particularly as a programmer as I’m actually using PHP in templates and for functions as opposed to some program specific markup such as ‘smarty’ or the gobbledegook that phpBB uses.

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