First Social Event of the Year

This year seems set to be awesome, I’ve got an amazing room, a lovely floormate ( thats you Sarah 😉 ) and reasonably cheap rent/bills, what more could I want? A full social planner!

On a whim I invited myself to a pub quiz I overheard Sarah being invited to, okay rude of me I accept this but its a fracking pub quiz, I’ve had years of practice with Network:MK that surely must be a benefit to ‘the team’, if I had someone strange join in with my group of friends and right off the bat they promoted success they would be fine in my book, otherwise they would take the usual windy road. In all likeliness we weren’t going to win but there is no warm planning for a success.

We arrived a tad early for my benefit so everyone could introduce themselves as they arrived, it were joined by Jody, Tara and Vicky. Tara was just visiting Jody, she seemed a little distracted all night I kept trying to involved her from what I thought was a longing for her boyfriend but it turns out it was just flu. Still I bet she thought I was hitting on her.

Vicky, probably thought I was hitting on her with a comment like “ you pull off wearing that [short] skirt well“, mostly it was just an innocent compliment but the rest was to distract from what I thought they thought was an interest in Tara.

Jody, the alpha female, tried not to get confrontational with her but still produce a healthy competition. I played the girls are better than boys card but apparently I don’t have the nack so note: don’t do that again.

This was all far too complicated for my liking, them sizing me up, me sizing them, all around a ‘fun’ quiz in a pub. When did making friends become such a sociological battlefield instead a character expanding exercise?

Towards the end of the quiz an additional soul joined us, a cherubic Kelly. Certainly different to the rest who regaled us of her messy breakup,

And to top it all off Sarah and myself achieved a healthy 11th quiz position in the above average sized pub.

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