Who wants to be a web designer?

No-one applauds our successes and few witness our defeats, yet our efforts are loved and everyone is a critic. As a web designer there are some injustices I’m willing to take on the head, I spend weeks of man hours working for charity, use logos that limit the scope of creativity and conform to the idiotic ideas of whom I’m working for.

What I will not tolerate are personal insults or disrespect about a format that can change, looking at RenĂ© Magritte’s “Son of Man” (right) for example, some see and appreciate the surrealism others are baffled how a picture of a man in a suit wearing a bowler hat with an apple in front of his face can be considered a masterpiece.

In either case that medium is fixed, love it or hate it now and you will probably still feel the same in 5 years. A website design can change everyday so why insult it today when it can look different in a weeks time?

Criticism is fine, if you don’t say what you dislike then it won’t change but taking out frustrations on a design as though they’ve been produced specifically to made your life difficult is preposterous. Ranting and raving at someone is just not professional.

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