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Film Review: Casino Royale

I’ve just been to see a special preview of the 21st Film in the Bond Franchise, Casino Royale. First and foremost Daniel Craig, yes he’s handsome, young but not too young, strong, virile and witty but he lacks the charm and charisma of previous (or future depending on your perspective) Bonds.

Don’t get me wrong, this is one of the better Bond films and certainly worth going to see at the cinema but it certainly isn’t the best. Its different approach to Bond, his reactions and the story whilst refreshing just seemed to drag down the pace we’re been accustomed to for the past 40 years. I mean no ‘Q’, No major gadgetry, no car chase what the hell happened? Okay they’ve shifted the original game from Baccarat to Texas Hold’em attributed to the recent development in Pop Culture so fellow gamblers empathise with the tension but it wasn’t enough to hold the film for me.

Special effects, as far as I could tell there weren’t any, so hurrah! The stunts looked real and from the glimpses I’ve seen on the television they were actually performed as opposed to using synthesbians.

All in all a good film, but if you were down to your last £10 and it came down to a choice between seeing this or getting a train ticket home I would get the train ticket. Worth a watch, perhaps a positive comment here or there but I’m not completely satisfied.

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  1. TBH i thaught it was possibly the weakest bond ever, in its self a good film, just not a true bond, too few gadgets and it had no stupidly over the top and unbeleavle plot, and wheres Q / R? i am hurt.

    my view: 2/10 for a bond
    : 7/10 as a film not a bond,

    and OMG they destroyed the Aston in seconds, it makes me worry about the breaks on that car now 😛

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