Small Detail, Big Importance

Through the course of your life you arrive at a variety of junctures where you reflect on the sum of your past experiences to make a decision about your future.

When going to University you look at what you’ve been good at and what you’ve liked, find a compromise and pick a course along that avenue. Choosing a house you tally what you liked about your origin, and presumably what you know of your partners and look for something similar for your family.

You wouldn’t know it but everyday you make the minutest of decisions that can affect the rest of your life, and unlike ones similar to what has already been mentioned you do not give them a lot of thought.

What could they be? Where you go to eat that day? Who you decide to sit next to? No, these are serendipitous events, that you didn’t choose to happen but they did. And confusedly they didn’t choose to happen but they did, so really both of you and neither of you choose for it to happen.

What you did decide on for the remotest of decisions is what you are wearing. Okay dressing for the part you play in the day, interview, lectures, work comes into it but the fine details are jumped over yet can be of the utmost importance. A necklace with a Crucifix or Star of David could spark the interest of someone of a similar faith that could lead to a romantic embrace or something a simple as a pair of socks, Hiking socks could suggest a fondness for the outdoors, stripy socks an indie affinity.

Whilst this/these items might not define you as a person they are a proverbial keyhole that someone can choose to look through and see the chamber beyond that is you. So perhaps you might want to reconsider which t-shirt you don today?

3 thoughts on “Small Detail, Big Importance”

  1. Why do I get the feeling you’re referring to me when you talk about stripy socks? Again another very random thought, and as previously said, you probably think way too much!

  2. Mike you don’t dissappoint. Another thought provocing one. I’ll never look at my wardrobe in the same way again.

    I never used to think about what it was I wore but looking back it is true. What I wear and when tells you a bit about how I am feeling. For example: I don’t normally wear “pretty” things but when I do you can tell that I am in a really good mood… or feeling really lonely, depending on how “slutty” it is as well.

    I can’t remeber what I was wearing when I met you… I hope you didn’t judge me too harshly 😐

    I wonder if it works with underwear as well??? lol

    If it does then I wonder what having a “Bridget Jones” day means 😆

  3. Luna: it’s not just you who wears stripey socks!!

    Mike: I agree with you wholeheartedly – the tiniest, seemingly-randomest details lead to the big things…. decisions and events in this life are so complex it’s so incredibly difficult to work out what led to what any more.
    On the other hand, I don’t think this means I should take more time deciding about stuff… I have enough difficulty with that anyway!
    I prefer to take this general importance of the tiny things in life to mean that I should do everything to my best and give my utmost to the tiny things as well as the large, and generally be as much myself and as much my BEST self as I can possibly be… then well if that causes bad things to happen, I can’t really blame myself. However if by my laziness or thoughtlessness, a grand catastrophe is born – that’s My Fault.
    Yes. Live every little thing as well as the big things, it takes all of them to make up your life.

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