Social Responcibility

Presented with a choice everyone searches their past for similarity and uses that experience to form a decision. We instantly weigh the benefits to ourselves ( we’re all introspectively selfish ), our family, friends, our wallets, so on and so forth.

I doubt that anyone has this list written anywhere, why would you, it’d be long and to physically check would take longer than the split second we make decisions in. You can imagine this list, perhaps whittle of a few lines as I have already done, so I ask where on this list would ‘the stranger’ come into it?

Some random persona walking about the world minding their own business, you’ll never meet them, if you did they would no longer be a stranger, I mean a complete and forever lasting stranger. Day to day choices won’t affect him ( even what clothes you wear 😉 ) so why would you consider him? Or why would he consider you?

For the sake of humanity is a bit generic so lets be generally specific; a consortium of past events apex at a choice where you’re free to create your own solution. The subsequent avalanche doesn’t affect anyone directly involved with you but there will be an effect.

So in this split second we’ve eliminated consequences to all the people we know I don’t think there is a lot of time left for the imaginary person, perhaps consider whether it would have any permanent effects like death and that’s about it. Yet, they might make all the considerations you would about a mutual friend, or nth degree acquaintance, so they are just like you but they aren’t making the choice.

So if you aren’t giving them much thought and they aren’t giving you much thought why do it? It is a good question, perhaps there isn’t a real answer other than if everyone did the world would be a better place. This is why they call it Karma.

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  1. What to say to this… Again you get me thinking…

    Is it fair to put the lives of others into the hands of those who don’t realise that they have that power? What happens if everyone takes the time to consider every possible outcome that a decision causes?

    If everyone took the time to think then nothing would get done. Time is precious… don’t waste it on something that eventually you have no control over.

    Conversely… if you do think of the “stranger”, the person you are never going to meet, the knock on effect could be overall a better thing. If you consider every consequence of your actions then your actions will be of a higher quality.

    You should never underestimate your actions. Everyone can have an effect on everyone else. Nothing you do will ever only effect you.

    Mike…. What have you done to me?!?!?!?!?!? I am starting to create a new view of the world… and I am liking it. Keep these deep and meaningful posts coming.

  2. once you put yourself out to help that random stranger then you have differentiated them from the rest, your investment of time or care or thoughts into them means they now mean something to you – you’ve put a little of yourself into them. that’s probably why people would rather “sponsor a goat” than “pay towards the care of goats”.

    some aspects of this post are quite related to the last – you can never know all the consequences of your actions because this universe is too complex for us to truly understand – so doing your best for yourself and for others (who you know or don’t know) is the only way we can really try to make the world as good a place as possible.

    at the end of the day most of our decisions are influences by more important things (to us) than “the rest of the world”, my friends will always come before some nebulous concept of “someone else”. that’s how it should be, but passing good things onto friends could easily impact that stranger that you’ll never know.

  3. Wow, I kinda don’t want to comment, I feel like I’m staining something really good and thought provoking!

    “So if you aren’t giving them much thought and they aren’t giving you much thought…”

    Clearly you have been giving this some thought though! How can one person give so much thought to something (no, not saying you’re over thinking!)? How much do you think about things that the rest of us would think hard about? Do you go to a convention of “thinkers” where you all have in depth discussions about things?

  4. You really do think a lot!
    I thought Karma related to things you’d personally done, as in: you do something good, something good happens to you etc.
    Par example, in London yesterday I stood up on the bus so an elderly lady could sit down, and once the bus had emptied a bit I found a £5 note on the floor, it didn’t belong to anyone in the general vicinity and we came to the conclusion that it must have been someone’s who had just got off. So, I get rewarded in return for my good deed, and whoever lost it, obviously had it coming!

  5. Regarding karma:
    I don’t really believe that there’s a great “fairness distributor” in the sky who says “you did something good, you can have something good in return”. But karma can work simply thanks to the effects your actions have – for instance if that old lady sat down and so was less tired when she got home, in fact she still had enough energy to bake a cake for her little grandson, who enjoyed it very much, who then had lots of energy and was being silly and made his mum laugh, who then went to work with a smile on her face, and was nice to the people she worked with…. then you spread the happiness around, and who knows you might end up in contact with someone who has been affected by your initial action of letting the lady sit down.
    Another (not made up!!) example is the fact that I have an older friend who usually insists on paying for me if we go out for a meal or a drink, he says he does that because when he was a student, kind people did that for him, and he wants me to do the same when I’m older and can afford it.
    I like to help people, not because someone somewhere will reward me for it, but just because it pleases them and that pleases me. Is that karma? It’s good enough for me, anyway.

  6. I like to help people, not because someone somewhere will reward me for it, but just because it pleases them and that pleases me. Is that karma?

    Karma is like light, it is both wave and particle. It can be the sum of the outcomes of your actions, like a tally of good and bad. It can also be what you put out into the world and it will come back to you, this is emphasised in Dharmic religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism but also in Earth Faiths such as Paganism and Wicca, particuly in Wicca where there is a three fold return on both good and bad…

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