You’ve already made the choice

Pre-determination implies there is a plan for the Universe, a fixed route to get from the past to the future. In this type of Universe no accidents occur because they were all suposed to happen and although we think we are making choices we’re not, we’re just conforming to the plan.

In The Matrix amongst all the protagonist’s abilities he had the ability of foresight, this gift was only for events within the matrix and its machinery but not the real world. How does this apply to us?

In an enclosed environment if you know everything that effects an object and you know all the objects in an environment then you can predict the outcome. In an imaginary frictionless box you place a ball and give it a nudge the ball will bounce around and keep doing so. You can predict the bounces if you know what angle the ball was nudged at and thus route the path before it happens. Adding another ball just means that it’s more complicated, both paths have to be plot to the same duration and when they bounce the directions calculated. Its harder work but it is possible with enough time and thought.

The Matrix was a realtime occurring environment, so more events were occurring every second, but agents and thus the Matrix itself have limits so if you’ve got a faster processor (such as your brain) then you can run the same events faster and find the outcome sooner. However there are limitations in the Matrix and in the real world.

No-one can see beyond a choice they don’t understand, and I mean no-one.

The Oracle

What The Oracle is saying that you can only have foresight if you know what choices you (and the rest of the matrix) are going to make, if you don’t know then when running the ‘foresight version’ of the Matrix then you’ll reach an impasse and not know anything further. So for someone contending with the person that has the foresight the phrase “you’ve already made the choice, now you have to understand why you’ve made it” is quite scary because they know what you are going to do and why you did before you’ve had the choice present itself and searched all your past experiences for the answer.

Having a plan for the Universe means that it is possible to know what choices people will make before they make them so it is possible for us mortals to see into the future.

3 thoughts on “You’ve already made the choice”

  1. As someone who uses different forms of “seeing the future” even I know that the future you see is only a guide. Yes I believe that through divination you can have a glance into the future but that future is not the only future.

    Divination shows the most likely outcome….
    based on all of the circumstances and…

    who it is asking the question! That is the most important factor when it comes to divination.

    The “petitioner” is the only variable that the future is read with. Remember “you have the power to change your future” (I hope!!)

    I don’t know about an overriding plan, all I know is that the future is what you make it… although there may be nothing you can do in the absolute end… you could only be able to change how you get there not the ultimate destination.

  2. …I know that the future you see is only a guide

    It’s nice to know that you have such hgh regard for your powers of divination, just because my way or someone else’s way isn’t you way doesn’t mean its any less affective! As someone who says their open minded it’s a either intentional or accidental that you’ve implied that others’ are less affective than yourself.

    As is my understanding there’s a certain amount of interpretation involved aswell, surely a scientific outrun of events is more exacting than an a translation, look at the Bible…

  3. For the moment there is no “scientific” way of finding out the future.

    I have never tried to find a scientific way… but until I hear that there is something more “accurate” I will stick with my forms of Divination.

    The day I learn to remember my dreams will be the day I have something more specific. I know I have prophetic dreams… I remember them as the situation happens… but…. I have not for the moment managed to get the memory side of it sorted.

    I am here for divination if you are interested…. want to see if I can read your future??

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