Freak or Idiot?

Given the choice which would you prefer to be, Freak or Idiot?

Firstly what type of freak? The word means something that is a strange deviation from nature. So freak would be a ball falling upwards which is a deviation from the natural phenomenon known as gravity. The question doesn’t poise a definition of the type of freak we would be so we don’t know and presumably upon making the choice between the options we would find out.

Choosing to be an idiot would mean loosing ones sense of the world and the ability to comprehend reasoning. So using a remote control would be out of the question as you couldn’t understand how it would affect the television. So the simple pleasure of sitting back and watching a television would be out of the question.

For some freakish things, if you so choose, they can be adjusted, they don’t necessarily have to be but if it can then you have that option available to you. As with everything in life a karma must be maintained; “there is no such thing as a free lunch” so it might not be easy.

If you’re an idiot then unfortunately you can’t change that, you can’t learn so whatever you did know or were allowed to remember as an idiot would be the majority of what you would know for the rest of your life. Idiocy is always a permanent thing.

The root consequence is a choice between permanent idiocy with an uncertainty about how much you would remember and freakdom with a complete random chance of anything happening, it could be something as little as 12 fingers or as big as fur all over your body, no eyes, ears and nose or the lack of lungs and thus death.

So it’s a choice between a fixed and random fate. Of course both could be fixed fates if you believe in destiny put for simplicities sake on this particular choice I choose not to believe in it.

With all this in mind which would you rather be, Freak or Idiot?

5 thoughts on “Freak or Idiot?”

  1. Another deep thought there Mister!!

    How do you respond to that? Well here is my attempt.

    With your definition of idiocy you are guaranteed to not be able to live life to the “full” as others see it. The chance that the freakdom would be as serious as you say it could be is low, just think of all the freakish possibilities out there. So really it is a choice of guaranteed low life enjoyment or the pot luck of a random level of freakishness, which could either be of small effect or large effect on your life.

    I’d personally take my chance with luck, at least on probability I have a chance of an enjoyable life.

  2. I’ve typed this answer out 3 times already, and I can’t decide what I’d rather be.
    At least an idiot can fit in, just move Basildon, we’ve plenty of idiots here. But on the other hand, a freak has the chance of improving themselves either through plastic surgery, depending on the ‘mutation’, or by becoming a reclusive .com king, but if your freakish features are as serious as being born without lungs, it won’t matter because you’ll be dead.
    Reading that back, it doesn’t make much sense, and not really conclusive, so you’d be better to forget you ever read it! (A bit like Highlander 2 in that way)

  3. This is not answerable as you are posing too vague a point but I suppose you want to get the wheels turning.
    Idiocy: You are assuming that being an idiot would lower your enjoyment of life. You’re making the argument as if you would be an idiot but maintain your current intellectual awareness of being an idiot. Your take idiocy and the blissful ignorance that goes with it or not at all I think of intelligence as a curse in current society. You can see the problems but can’t affect them. All of the responsibility, and none of the power. Read ‘Flowers for Algernon for an interesting look at intelligence.
    Freak: I don’t think people would shout freak at you in the street if you just had webbed toes or something. For the purpose of your point it has to be a life affecting deformity. Obviously I need to know are we talking deformed face or mutant super-powers?

    The real question you’re asking is; given the choice would you take a deformity of the mind or the body? Do you care more about your externals or internals? For me I’ll take the body every time no matter what the probability

    And, I liked Highlander two.

  4. Your penultimate paragraph does a good summing up; “deformity of the mind or body”? It was ages ago when I wrote this, and rereading it now my point of view has changed a lot, especially since reading Flowers for Algernon in the autumn of that year…

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