Decided to sleep in today so only yesterdays leftover Flapjack for Breakfast and lunch, luckily there was plenty of Jammie Dodgers going around the office.

Steve’s day off (Web Team Leader) so we’re working today under democratic rule, basically all the stories from the newspaper were up by 3pm so for the rest of my 11am to 7pm shift I installed Coppermine Photo Gallery on the Go Jamboree website. I suppose if anything this crummy job has the advantage of a lot of free time as the reporters only go frantic around the big events such as the Opening, Closing and Sunrise Ceremonies.

After work on my way to the Adult sub-camp I bumped into Jess and Mike H, then Lesley, everyone else having already eaten wasn’t particularly happy to sit with me but Lesley and Jess snuck into the Dining Shelter and waited whilst I was held outside being forced into whichever one they wanted. During the wait Neil and Tony walked past so urged them to join me too so over our Burgers and Chips the 5 of us. I seemed to get mocked a lot for on occasion having more than one dessert.

After dinner Mary, Jess, Lesley and myself toddled into the Kross, a equally armed cross tent (apparently with a specially designed centre section) that held some information centres, eyeing the giant Connect4 L+me proceeded into the games wing but it was busy so played some tether ball instead. When M+J rejoined us they played and then were invited to Mahusive Jenga, I was getting rather frustrated at how slow some were playing so played extreme speed Jenga, getting my turns down to 7 and then 3 seconds!

Being considerate Mary popped out to get some tokens for drinks later but left her stuff not realising that the Kross closes at 21:30 so Jess picked up her stuff and what we thought was Mary’s Camera.

The queue to the bar wasn’t horrific and soon afterwards found a table of GoJammers to sit with, whilst sitting asked Mary if she was sure she had everything has she hadn’t been given her camera yet. Turned out after checking the first few pictures for a proof of ownership picture to belong to someone from abroad, they had ferried into the UK. Soon after turned it into lost property with a GoJam business card and a note on the reverse saying it was me.

This wasn’t an overly active evening, think everyone just needed an easy one after being so hyped up yesterday.

Following this we headed to the bar for some much needed refreshment and my first Pint of the camp.

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  1. On what you were saying about beer tokens…. why is it I never managed to keep a whole pints worth together at the jamboree, and yet keep finding them whenever i unpack another bag today?

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