World Scout Jamboree has begun!

I’ve finally made it to the World Scout Jamboree! I’ve been counting down to this ever since I went to EuroJam in 2005.

My first day started at around 4am, a quick shower, pack the last little bits in the car, a cup of tea and setting off. I arrived at North Weald Aerodrome at 6:30am to place my car in it’s residence for the next 3 weeks. Not even having arrived at the main site already I was off to a good start, first person I meet was from Germany, and they were emerging from their camper van having driven through the night with the extra kit for his Unit.

My big plan had been to arrive onsite for around 9am so a full cooked breakfast would be available in the IST dining shelter but sadly I managed to just miss breakfast as the last serving was 15 mins before when I finally stepped foot on Hub Island at 10:15am.

After grabbing a brief lunch and touring the predominantly vacant Hylands Park I starting the expedition to find Pippin, Samwise, Mary and others that were rumoured to be holding a sit down in the Onsite Programme tent of the Island Hub. Eventually I found them attempting to erect a fishing rod posing as a flag pole which eventually was snapped into 3 smaller poles holding half a dozen flags that Mary wanted to get her pride on with.

Of those orbiting the poles was Bobby, an American from Texas whom I struck up a conversion with on the American Political Electoral system. For someone that only just has a grasp of the British one I seemed to be able to grasp the broader points of the U.S. system with ease noticing the flaws such as everyone gets a vote but not everyones vote is counted because each state is counted separately so the final vote is from the collection of the votes from each state not each person whereas ours is the total of the populations vote for MP but councils alignments dictates the PM.

As it was drawing close to dinner we went to sit in the dining shelter ready to queue but got chucked out about 30 minutes before so we ushered ourselves to the café for a brief restbit. Having been awake of quite a few hours at this point I was starting to drift off so decided after our Steak Pie and Vegetables dinner with Treacle Tart dessert I would hit the ground mat to be fully refreshed for possibly the last time during this adventure of a holiday!

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  1. YAY, I’ve been looking forward to reading your Jamboree post for such a long time. Hope you keep adding to it with more detail of the event. Keep well and I will have to talk to you soon.

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