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Film Review: The Mummy 3 – Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Sequels are fantastic things because they offer something more about something you already like. However trying to use, or recreate the same ‘magic’ that made you like the original is trickier creating something widely liked from scratch.

The first Mummy film was fantastic. The Mummy Returns felt to me like another adventure in the series and was about as good as the first. This third film, whilst it was goods in it own right, does not do the other ones justice. I however would like a forth film, (the hot Coyote Ugly owner) Maria Bello, stated in an interview that “absolutely” another Mummy film will be made so I look forward to having 2 sets of Mummy films in my collection as that is really how I see them, 2 distinctly different series both of equal rating to the other.

This film bases its storyline on the first Qin Dynasty (Chinese) Emperor; Qin Shi Huang whom the Terracotta Army belongs. When I was told about the army as a young person I was told each statue was unique, considering the quantity of soliders it was an collection I respected greatly however I can not find another quotable online to prove or disprove what I remember whilst the wikipedia article says there are “eight head moulds” it also says that “individual facial” features were done in clay so I guess I remembered a half truth. Not bad from history class 15 years ago!

Anyway, a good film, no disappointing aspects, Dark Knight just was just higher up on my list of films to see.

Rating: 76%

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