Weight on the Mind

Learning to think differently is quite hard. Teaching others’ to think differently is harder still because you can only check their comprehension and not their understanding of what you are trying to teach. A favourite riddle of mine for such things is below.

  • You have eight weights equal in appearance.
  • One of them is heavier (denser) than the rest.
  • Minimum number of weightings until you can always find the odd one?

How many more weightings would it take for 12 weights?

How many more weightings would it take for 57 weights?

My thought for the day is how you’ve worked it out. A very cleaver thought in my humble opinion.

2 thoughts on “Weight on the Mind”

  1. I love that Homer Simpson brain x-ray pic. You should look up a book titled, The Art of Contrary Thinking. It’s good stuff and very relevant to your blog post.

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