Street Dancing

Amidst what seems to be a jumble of rugged movements you see some crazy stunts performed by street dancers, most of them on their hands but occasionally some in the air. I never thought poorly or highly of them, I just accepted it was a combination of abrupt moves. On Tuesday I tried for the first time performing a stand-up routine in this style; it was hard.

I don’t shout this sort of thing to the hill tops so you’ll be surprised to know that in my teens aswell as attending Scouts once a week I also attended dances lessons, and occasionally, a competition. I’d say I’m reasonably well versed, enough that I will not shy away from performing in a show, sketch or teaching a routine to a Scout or Guide Group, so when Gang Show opened auditions I thought I’d give it a go.

Once we got our moves down to music I quickly grew a respect for Street Dancers, I don’t know how professional the routine we were doing was but it felt like something you’d see on television or at a competition but without the lifts or floor work.

I have a rough idea of what’s involved to pull off shows like “Strictly Come Dancing” but until I sampled Street Dancing I thought Tango and Rock’n’roll were the hardest, both can have rhythmic high paces and are physically gruelling, especially if doing lifts. Breakers, use strong movements in quick succession (the bits we did) and also do floor work, mostly on their hands, something much harder than lifting the usually smaller, and therefore lighter, female partner.

The results of the audition haven’t been given out yet so I don’t know if I got a grading at all, I’m more interested in getting a part in the Rock’n’Roll section, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

(The picture above was drawn by me for practice at work)

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  1. wow, you’ve really gotten a lot better since working on the magazine. can’t say much on the dancing side of things thou, only did ballet as a kid.

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