Bespoke Baby Babble Boom

There seems to be a confluence about babies and children talk around me at the minute, if I had brought up the subject I could understand it but colleagues are expanding their families, friends are becoming parents and its all over the television.

With the recession reducing the number of jobs and hours available for designers its not surprising that 3 of my colleagues are expanding their families. If you think about it by the time their babies can be sent to daycare (if the parent caring for them wants to go back to work) the economic crisis will be further along and jobs hopefully more available. Without knowing any other information you must admit it makes sense.

I can’t control what’s on the television (but if I could how cool would that be?) so any similar story lines are co-incidental, though, in all honesty producers want their show to be unique to attract more viewers so they wouldn’t want them to be similar. Add to the fact that ontop of the 3 modern shows I’m watching I’m also following up a directors work from earliest to latest that has concluded with a situation comedy involving pregnancy.

Friends are getting pregnant by choice and fate, this wouldn’t be suprising as friends usually get pregnant around the sametime to experience it together. Still, couple that with 3 colleagues and 4 shows I’m starting to see a trend.

Parenthood is a big issue so I suppose its inevitable that all of this sort of talk would easily overlap, but with so many disconnected sources to break open the parenthood issue in the same week could there be a bigger force at work here? It just seems too improbable for there to be so many conceptions converge around me at the sametime. Spring is truly in the air.

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