Version 2.7

Over the past year we at the My Software Studio have been working hard to present to you the 7th major feature release of version 2. We don’t think there are any backwards compatibility problems but if there are patches will be issues in the comments section below.

  • The instant_messenger module is no longer deprecated as there is a strong need for persistent interconnection.
  • We’ve been working hard on the hair_template and it now produces validated outputs, but there be can errors when bad_hair_day is TRUE.
  • The income method no longer outputs FALSE or Zero when has_job is FALSE, this is a significant and permanent feature.
  • Luck still isn’t set as a constant but testing shows symmetrical standard divination on a 33% mean.
  • The dating module is used from time to time, some adjustments have been made but the correct set or variables has yet to be found to initiate a recursive loop.
  • Improved but not complete support for Sign Language, French translation is still incomplete and Latin is rarely accessed, inaccurate and read only making it completely deprecated in a future version.
  • The skills, reference and vocabulary databases are larger but writing to them is slow as reading from them has priority.
  • Better integration with the Northampton Social Networks foreach one integrated reduces transfer times as well as increasing the potential knowledge base and fun integer.
  • The image_output method is now above fair with the aperture and shutter_speed variables, the luck variable plays some part in this function but further testing is needed.
  • The work array() over flows into the free_time
    array() making hobbies and recreation completed at later dates. This might be due to a bug with the income method.

As you can see there are some significant steps in the right direction but there is still plenty of work to do. The Development Team thank you for your loyalty and hope that you continue to use our product in the future. 🙂

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