Just some of My Mega Drive games…


Had a bunch of manuals that needed to be put away so I thought I would do a bit of sorting aswell not to mention something else but thats a secret…

Chocolate Fairy Cakes with Vanilla and Strawberry Butter Icing


Cooked on Request. These are for the 15th January Sunday Rehearsal. A good snack for the tea break.

Two sonic Screwdrivers, an adjustable pivot and a force extractor/implementer device


The Black & Decker drills noisily and the Screwdriver ratchets when used, so there sounds right that makes them Sonic? Adjustable Pivot, or as its used in the majority of lifespan, a Doorstop. The Hammer performed two roles, its applied force to annoying things and pulling stuff out using the pivot. All in all about…read more »