I';m working from a very pretty looking mock-up today. Just 3 highlighters and 6 felt-tips used for annotations.

I am absolutely loving my new Broadband connection; Used to be 0.308 now the starting speed is 1.587 Mbps! And it will go UP!

RT @DestinationMK: Happy Birthday Milton Keynes! 45 today, you don’t look a day over 30! #happybirthdaymk

It’s obscene the number of people that type website addresses into Search Engines, whats is wrong with the address bar?

New Photo: My Mega Drive (Genesis) Games – http://t.co/H9bxg71

Just some of My Mega Drive games…

my_mega_drive_genesis_game_collection Had a bunch of manuals that needed to be put away so I thought I would do a bit of sorting aswell not to mention something else but thats a secret…