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  1. Rewatch arrested development in preparation for the new series, or else the increasingly poor decisions of todd margret

  2. Not sure about this ‘How I met your mother’. Feels like watching Titanic or Troy for the first time because you know the ending.

  3. Also the retrospective aspect of the narative leads to some unique comedy moments. And tbere is more than just one character. Each has a unique storyline nad though sometimes the future is teased it does not give you journey wbich can be very funny and surprising.

  4. HIMYM also has Neil Patrick Harris, you should watch it just for that. The american version of The Office is very entertaining, as is Raising Hope.

  5. I’ll put my two cents in and to give you some context: I love friends, don’t much like BBT and haven’t watched more than two episode of two and a half men (because I didn’t like it).

    HIMYM: Early seasons good fun. Middle seasons approaching genius. Later seasons lose it a bit when they decided to drag it out for the longest amount of time (read:money) as possible and still fit into to the HIMYM premise. Future Ted is used really cleverly early on but it’s sort of got a bit gimmicky now and Ted’s easily the worst character.

    Community’s: Brilliant mostly, a few duff episodes but very few and mostly confined to the first third of the current series.

    Happy Endings is my current favourite. Friends for a internet generation, but it’s barely into it’s second season yet so might lose it. It’s a very similar basic set-up to friends and the writing is razor sharp.

    Kelly’s got a thread there if you’re up for animation. Personally, I though Archer was just ok, but I never really given it a proper chance. Venture Brothers is another one very original but you have to watch a few to get past the weirdness and understand where the jokes are coming from. Bob’s burger and Ugly Americans were excellent too.

    I’ve tried many more (animated and live-action) that weren’t worth recommending. I think based on your previous liked HIMYM or Happy Endings are probably the ones for you. Although coupling was great and the american office are heart heartwarming good.

    So in conclusion if you want something to spend time on then anything anybody suggests will be fine of these will do but if you want something worth spending time on then you’ll have to do some research or at least give us a better idea of what sort of themes or comedy you want.

    1. Oh New girl is also really good so far. And I lied Happy endings has finished it’s second season.

    2. Nice responce Adam,

      I did do some research, particularly looking at the “List of 200X Comedy Series” wiki pages (wanted something with a few years on it). Then after reading the large plot summury following the bottom links through to imdb to see their ratings.

      I’ve watched first two seasons of ‘Community’ absolutely loved it, hilarious. Well chuffed with myself for finding that. However having picked this out of the crowd myself no-body I’ve mentioned it to seems to watch it so it not a source of conversation or mutual inspiration.

      I said BBT and TAAM was because one is smart/nerd funny and the other is clever funny. Whereas there are shows that are funny because of the stupidity in them. I did originally query with “half hour comedy series” but didn’t want to limit responses.

      Considering some clients can be right idiots and my intention is to watch something whilst I have lunch its part of both a mental and physical break during the day. At half an hour they aren’t too much of a distraction from getting back to work.

      Seeing as its the shortest I’ll try ‘Happy Endings’ first but I don’t much care for the comedy of Wayans Sr lets hope his son falls far from the tree. Next I’ll try Arrested Development since if its good enough to spawn a movie (I’m thinking Firefly/Serenity here) it must be great. And finally if I dislike the first 4 episodes both of those I’ll pickup ‘How I met…’. All in all I must be set for a few months as I work my way through as least one of them.

      Thanks all.

      1. Everybody needs to watch Community.

        I thought you might have done some research.

        I hadn’t even realized there was a snr to be aware of. I hadn’t linked the actor in Happy Endings to any famous relatives. I certainly didn’t link him to the only other Wayans’ work that I was aware of, the scary movie franchise, although in fairness that isn’t snr. Looking at snr on IMDB I don’t think I’ve seen any of it although I seem to have a very vague memory of watching a random smattering of my wife and kids but it obviously didn’t make much of an impression. Hope you like Happy Endings.

        Also outside of the brief and I’m sure you will have seen it but I’ve only just got around to watching it properly and Farscape is brilliant.

        1. Adam, say hello to Harvey when you see him 🙂
          Browder’s roles in Farscape is very similar to that is Stargate, Claudia Blacks however is very very different. Not sure which personality I prefer, although ideally I’d want both. 😀 😀 😀

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