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Shoes make the Man

So I’ve confided in a few people that I’m applying for this awesome job (actually two now) that is everything I want; where I want, doing what I want and with nice people. I already have some classy special occasion shoes or “interview shoes” but I don’t have day to day wear’n’tear shoes that I’d want to show on my first day/week.

Normally I wouldn’t jinx it by being so presumptive but I have a voucher for 20% off that ends today so I had to take advantage. I had set myself a target of 3 pairs of footwear for £100 (yes I’m a bit stingy but shoes aren’t really my thing to be extravagant on). I needed some long lasting black Leather Shinnies preferably without a “lip” and not too pointy, some casual Trainers with a bit of heft and a scratch resistant front. And finally some Sandals to replace the ones I broke at the Jamboree and have been looking for a sale since late March! I thought the distribution might be something along the lines of 40/30/20 but that was only a guideline.

Having big feet (although I know some people that wear size 14s so I don’t have it that bad) it takes a while to find shoes that fit comfortably and suit my aesthetic tastes. I did rather well on the Trainer side of things, 4 pairs I liked, 2 were comfortable finally settling on the last pair because they were a bit darker. Shoes were a little bit trickier, my section was a bit sparse so had to have a shop-hand fetch me two boxes from the back. This decision came down to the grip, great looking shoes are fine and all but if you fall over you’ll look a fool regardless!

Lastly, the Sandals, at this point I’m a little over my budget and would be a lot over with this third pair. There are some really comfortable Jesus boots but having ruined 5 pairs of Sandals in 6 years (including 3 pairs at International Jamborees that got Gaffer Taped) I’m very conscious of where the seams are and the ease in which I can repair them. I have no problem in replacing Sandals/Shoes but its kinda hard to find the time to go buy new ones amidst camping

Although when it comes to really great and expensive shoes, such as my super-warm Emu slippers, getting some high tensile thread and re-sewing a seam isn’t something I shy away from. Especially since replacing them would cost me a cool £120 (or a favour for the same client that also got me my £280 Interview Shoes).

So finally I’ve made my selections and done the Math in my Head (Pfft, lazy people who use phone calculators) and headed to the till kicking myself for overspending but might aswell take advantage of the discount. The Shop-hand runs the shoes through the till and the net total is dramatically less than expected, my Math wasn’t wrong the price tags were.

When purchasing you think they’d make sure the lowest possible price tag is on the item. If I hadn’t be happy to splurge I would’ve forgone the Sandals, satisfied to get them another day. Or to view the other way only intending to buy two pairs at the price I did pay I would’ve happily brought another pair!

2 thoughts on “Shoes make the Man”

    1. 3 as purchased above, Great Walking Boots, Okay (Dog) Walking Boots,
      Jazz Shoes, White Plimsolls (Gang Show), Black Trainers (Gang Show),
      Slippers, Painting Shoes, Best Shinnies, Climbing Shoes,
      ‘Activity’ Shoes, Wet Shoes and Converse Allstars.

      So 15 pairs total. Thats rather reasonable considering all the activities I do. And no double ups really, since I don’t have red ones for “red outfit” colour co-ordination. 😛

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