How I’ve seen WarCraft getting craftier

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness Game Box Cover

The first proper PC game I ever owned was WarCraft 2: Tides of Darkness. I first played it from a demo disk and seeing as the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre was a rarity on the Mega Drive (which was my main entertainment device at the time) I thoroughly enjoyed the new experience and wanted more. Continue reading How I’ve seen WarCraft getting craftier

Vector Tower Defence

This game has been running around the office this last week. People seem to be struggling with it, can’t get past level 17. :S

I managed to get past level 17 on my first go, and finish it in under a dozen. This score wasn’t my first complete it was the best outcome at the end of the week, completely obliterating the competition.

Hint: Don’t go for the obvious!

Websites you’ll visit once (maybe twice)

When I happen across a site with a uniquely absurd purpose, useful in the remotest likelihood I’ll need it again but not useful enough to remember, I save it. I’ve decided to share the best of the feckless bookmark bunch with you for humorous purposes,

Effectively Dating for Socks, you loose one sock or find another? This is the place to reunite them. It’s quite scarey the distances that socks manage to travel without their owners.

I don’t know how accurate other people need to me but usually I get away with the 12 places on my calculator. The guys either had a lot of hot linking problems or has made so many index pages so it gets more hits on the adsense. Bypass the junk indexes to the number here

Have you ever been watching a television series and felt its still going despite now being completely interesting? The urban phrase used for this occasion is that it has “jumped the shark”, it comes from during the series Happy Days when ‘The Fonze’ jumps a shark to try and hike up ratings. See also “Nuke the Fridge”.

Aria, as in Opera. Opera is a dramatic work which combines a text (called a libretto) and a musical score, it is also a rather good internet browser, this site is about music. You never know you might want to look up the Le Nozze di Figaro from the Shawshank Redemption.

Similar to Google Maps but on the moon, will be very useful when we get a moonbase like our parents were promised in the 70s and 80s. You’ll be able to plan you journey from your residential bubble to your friends with exact directions and timings, although at 1/6th Earths gravity you might be able to get there a little quicker.

Five websites with just enough information to entertain you but not really enough to make you check everyday. Drop a comment to let me know if you actually make use of them.

Street Dancing

Amidst what seems to be a jumble of rugged movements you see some crazy stunts performed by street dancers, most of them on their hands but occasionally some in the air. I never thought poorly or highly of them, I just accepted it was a combination of abrupt moves. On Tuesday I tried for the first time performing a stand-up routine in this style; it was hard.

I don’t shout this sort of thing to the hill tops so you’ll be surprised to know that in my teens aswell as attending Scouts once a week I also attended dances lessons, and occasionally, a competition. I’d say I’m reasonably well versed, enough that I will not shy away from performing in a show, sketch or teaching a routine to a Scout or Guide Group, so when Gang Show opened auditions I thought I’d give it a go.

Once we got our moves down to music I quickly grew a respect for Street Dancers, I don’t know how professional the routine we were doing was but it felt like something you’d see on television or at a competition but without the lifts or floor work.

I have a rough idea of what’s involved to pull off shows like “Strictly Come Dancing” but until I sampled Street Dancing I thought Tango and Rock’n’roll were the hardest, both can have rhythmic high paces and are physically gruelling, especially if doing lifts. Breakers, use strong movements in quick succession (the bits we did) and also do floor work, mostly on their hands, something much harder than lifting the usually smaller, and therefore lighter, female partner.

The results of the audition haven’t been given out yet so I don’t know if I got a grading at all, I’m more interested in getting a part in the Rock’n’Roll section, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

(The picture above was drawn by me for practice at work)

Weight on the Mind

Learning to think differently is quite hard. Teaching others’ to think differently is harder still because you can only check their comprehension and not their understanding of what you are trying to teach. A favourite riddle of mine for such things is below.

  • You have eight weights equal in appearance.
  • One of them is heavier (denser) than the rest.
  • Minimum number of weightings until you can always find the odd one?

How many more weightings would it take for 12 weights?

How many more weightings would it take for 57 weights?

My thought for the day is how you’ve worked it out. A very cleaver thought in my humble opinion.