Long Night

So Saturday had to be one of the most productive days I’ve had for quite some time, so much so that 8 hours passed between meals, as positive reinforcement to this good work I decided to pop down Tescos to pick up some treats. So I thought lets see if anyone else is awake and ask the housemates if they want anything.

So Katie appears to be ill huh? To the hospital you say? To the Millenium Canary! So after a rather impressively short wait of 15 minutes for an examination it turns disastrous with a culmination of 4 hours for treatment.

Whilst it might seem like a long-time it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of things, sure the NHS has its problems but it served it purpose tonight. As the computer with a IQ of 6000 on-board the small rouge one says Appreciate what you’ve got, because basically, I’m fantastic.

I said it would be Erratic!

In an act of generosity I’ve taken my little sister the cinema to see the latest Harry Potter and I unexpectedly bumped into an ex-cinema college, great chap apparently he quit that gig not long after me and tried other avenues. Can’t say I blame him but apparently all the jobs he tried sucked more so there he was at it again, selling tickets and popcorn.

Missed last weeks pub quiz because ‘Mr. Sophisticated’ was in Mascadonia, it’s alright for some, least we got to go this week. We won diddlely squat but even if we did with the Jackpot going at £270 odd before Xmas it was a mere £25 odd this week.

Caught up with an ol’ school chum Tuesday, it’s great seeing what he’s upto these days considering I thought we were both going to do the same thing post A-levels. I suppose through him I get to see what my alternative life would be like. A cracking chap and over due a visit to Uni-town.

And finally tonight, I’ve left the refinement of my manifesto for SSAGO exec till the last minute which has really gotten my adrenaline running. What a giggle, hope my tardiness doesn’t let me down.

So many wasted hours

As a polite gesture on my part I decided to improve the quality of the software on my Grandparents computer. You read me right, Grandparents and computer in the same sentence without any derogative words attached. Basically both their PC and Laptop were running slow and I offered to reformat and reinstall everything. Taking me 6 hours, about a third of which involved collecting all of their files for backup.

Whilst working on their’s my dear young cousin’s was brought to them to be looked over, 500+ nasties my G-parents found, so whilst I was there I fixed his aswell. Note to y’all don’t use the ‘Bear Share’ download program, stick with something reputable, if there is such a thing in peer to peer downloading. So I’m on my second day now and dropping his off, low and behold my Uncles gone and wiped everything off his computer!! So now I have to do a multi-partition ghost data search and dump, the search took 5+ hours and the file dump took 15 minutes.

And since I found that their hard-drive came from Dell at a usage of about 100 GB of 150 GB I had to sort that out and reinstall windows and all their device drivers, I just wish Dell would include the most important one, the Ethernet card one then perhaps I might be able to update all other via the net.

Lessons learnt:

  • Family are very generous when you solve their computer problems.
  • Dell can’t collate install data nor install windows for the life of them.

And A Joyous New Year To You

North or South? A conundrum, travel north to Birmingham or South (West) to Bristol for a poorly organised house party?

Luckily at the hour of 4pm an alternative presented itself, not as lavish as the two ‘Bs’ but good food, good drink and good company none-the-less. I spent the evening catching up over EuroJam nostalgia, managed to finally watch the EuroJam DVD, I’ve ordered one of the UK Edition DVDs now, can’t wait for that to come through the post.

Almost missed Jools Holland but managed to just flick it on just in time, it gets me gorping every year that he starts of quiet and sober and finishes loud and drunk. I wonder if its possible to film a guy locked in a room with shit loads of booze and have it be as funny? Hopefully one of my fellow students will try it out…

Every Blog has a first entry…

The inaugural post on what I believe in Psychology they call a tabula rasa, lets hope this is the first of many. So what better to start of than a brief low down on me?

  • Geographically I’m in the UK, home for the holidays for at least a week longer, mooching of the ‘rents is cheap but freedom is priceless.
  • So far professionally I’m doing okay, my practical job, filming an amateur game show ended at the beginning of December, if I can’t get a gig of some sort I’ll be relying on my student loan quicker than a promotional flyer on the street.
  • Romantically, nought, zip, zero, nah-da? You’d have thought that filming 12 beautiful young ladies would’ve opened up something more than first base?
  • And Existentially, I’m a giant floating tomato. 😀

That’s it, usually it’d be a week or so till I next touch this thing but with New Years tomorrow I’ll want to share my shenanigans with you, that is assuming you weren’t part of them.