Small Detail, Big Importance

Through the course of your life you arrive at a variety of junctures where you reflect on the sum of your past experiences to make a decision about your future.

When going to University you look at what you’ve been good at and what you’ve liked, find a compromise and pick a course along that avenue. Choosing a house you tally what you liked about your origin, and presumably what you know of your partners and look for something similar for your family.

You wouldn’t know it but everyday you make the minutest of decisions that can affect the rest of your life, and unlike ones similar to what has already been mentioned you do not give them a lot of thought.

What could they be? Where you go to eat that day? Who you decide to sit next to? No, these are serendipitous events, that you didn’t choose to happen but they did. And confusedly they didn’t choose to happen but they did, so really both of you and neither of you choose for it to happen.

What you did decide on for the remotest of decisions is what you are wearing. Okay dressing for the part you play in the day, interview, lectures, work comes into it but the fine details are jumped over yet can be of the utmost importance. A necklace with a Crucifix or Star of David could spark the interest of someone of a similar faith that could lead to a romantic embrace or something a simple as a pair of socks, Hiking socks could suggest a fondness for the outdoors, stripy socks an indie affinity.

Whilst this/these items might not define you as a person they are a proverbial keyhole that someone can choose to look through and see the chamber beyond that is you. So perhaps you might want to reconsider which t-shirt you don today?

Walking the Halls

Being in a rarely visited part of University and having a spare 30 minutes to twiddle my thumbs I started to look around, I mean actually look, fully take the time to appreciate my surroundings. I looked not with the perspective of someone in a corridor but a walkway for thousands of people heading somewhere, not just to their next seminar but beyond that.

At Secondary School most of us are told that if we work hard enough we can be anything we want, Firemen, Actors, Space Cowboys, anything. Of those that ‘had a dream’ for their career few at this point will have achieved it, most will still be on the path to succeeding their ambition.

And that’s where I’m standing, on their path. If I stood here long enough I could see a myriad of people pass by each with their own destiny. That guy that just brushed past me could design the next space shuttle, or the girl ‘over there’ could correct the flaws in our government.

Whilst those feats are important and deserve attention surely participating in how they got there is just as important, I was here as they passed in the halls am I more or less important than the person standing next to them at their grand opening?


…I turn on my computer, I wait impatiently as it boots up. I go on line, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You’ve got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail… From you.

Before there was digital post there were letters, typically inked by pen and scripted without aid of an auto-speller or software thesaurus. If you were to send something you would take your time, plan, scrutinise, write. With the advent of the personal computer everyone could send a letter blurting out their thoughts and then arranging them to suit whoever it was they were writing. The first steps of personality lost in aid of formality.

When electronic mail became mainstream I’m sure the initial messages were of substance, few people had computers and a minority of them had an account to send to so what you did send was important to them or to you as mail was a rare and special thing.

Now everyone gets at least 3 figures of messages a day, 90% being spam, half a dozen reminders from some other area of the web and a personal mail sent to you by another person. And what format does that most important last piece of mail take? Three sentences? Two? E-mail has become so common place that too infrequently does anything with magnetic content come through.

If you are going to compose a personal communiqué make it a worthwhile occasion for the recipient, make intimate anecdotes, be detailed on trivial occurrences, run your mind thoroughly over the topic without fear of wasting time because every word can lighten a persons day.


Gloucestershire police force could face a “flood” of compensation claims after it admitted illegally rejecting white male job applicants.

By trying to enforce ethnic minority representation to professions are we not infact shifting the focus from the majority which should have the focus to the minority? A reverse racism if you will, removing ‘white’ people because a larger diversity is required, surely this isn’t democratic? A small number of people have a large say because they are a slight minority?. Why can’t it just be the best or most suitable person for the right job?

Surely for race to not be an issue in any way, shape or form it shouldn’t matter, no more of this “to ensure equal opportunities we would like you to answer the following questions on religion, race etc” if it really doesn’t matter then we shouldn’t have to keep statistics on it. Okay it might help in 100 years or give Guinness an easier job of working out things like who was the First woman space tourist but I would be happier with not knowing who was the first/last/next person to do anything and a person’s race not being mentioned and thus the best person for the job getting it.

It is unfortunate that somehow the idea to increase ethnic minorities in Gloucester Police was raised and that the encouragement to be equally representative wasn’t dismissed because of the fear of being labelled racist towards minorities, instead now we are not allocating representative of the majority which in this country is caucasian despite the growing influx of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

Perhaps if there weren’t as many scandals with negative results negative actions wouldn’t cascade through procedure and result in similar events?

Full Original Article: Force may face ‘flood’ of claims

Some take it too far

The word fan means to be an enthusiastic devotee, a follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity or activity. It originally comes from the word fanatic which means: a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.

I will admit to being a fan, many people would, however how many people who say they are fans are infact fanatics?

This video for example: Warp Factor Love a chap singing about going beyond a fictional speed limitation and fall in love.

To make matters psychologically worse for this man he has been given a stoke to his ego by having an entire documentary made about him. AUTO DESTRUCT: One Man’s Obsession With William Shatner.

Firstly, do either of these things help him actually fall in love which seems to be a priority for him? He’s making a song that is only going to be an aphrodisiac to an incredibly select group, change the lyrics to faster than 90 miles an hour, throw a couple of ‘bade’ words in and you’re set. Can you really just keep talking about one thing over and over?

There are much better things to do like going on camps….. 😎