Snow Day

In an unprecedented move Skadi, the Snowshoe, the Norse Goddess of Winter (and Hunting) has laid down 12cm (5 inches) of snow in the area, in particular about 15cm (8 inches) on my car. This has resulted in me having all my Work done for my Job today but not being able, or needed, to go in for more. So I’ve started the day doing all the little itty bitty tasks that could be done any time but more important things take president. This Snow day is extra or bonus time, which means that I can get my holey cow ideas done without negating anything else. As such I’ve published a Bucket List which I’m going to update from time to time when I achieve something, and quite likely post about it too!

I’m sure you’ve all kept yourselves amused as well today and I’d be interested to know how you’ve made use of your time.

Heres the article from BBC News covering todays weather