Happy Winter-een-mas!!

X3 Reunion Game Box

Well actually it started on the 25th so we’re smack bang in the middle of it but still have a happy holiday none-the-less.

What is Winter-een-mass? It’s a fictional holiday created by Tim Buckley for gamers, to celebrate computer games. With the huge sub-culture surrounding games, brought on by the boom of the internet it was only a matter of time.

So what have I been doing to celebrate this Gamers Festivities? I’ve renewed my efforts to keep up my gaming efforts that severely dropped last year, I missed out on the WoW (World of Warcraft) phase which I’m likely to be shamed about for years to come.

I have however picked up a copy of X3 – Reunion another sequel in the mahusive ‘X’ universe. X is the modern day Elite series, most famous of these is the Elite II – Frontier which I’ve played for days straight, weeks even! Its possibly my first favourite Flight Sim RPG game of all time. The universe was huge and you could practically do anything, skim suns, halo drop, fly-bys, trade, steal, pirate, transport and even assassinate.

To make things that little bit more interesting there were 2 prominent advancement systems you could advance in the Sol Federation (that’d be where Earth is) or the Achenar Empire. You could choose one or the other to advance in but both usually got your superiors curious about your loyalties and tried to have you killed by increasing the danger on your missions. I don’t think I ever achieved Admiral or Prince respectively in either but I did get above halfway.

Anyway X3 – Reunion is mightily impressive, stunning visuals but the control system is taking forever to pick up everything, I suppose in the long run its good as you’ll have everything at your fingertips but currently just trying to remember to drop Chaff on incoming missiles is enough.

So many wasted hours

As a polite gesture on my part I decided to improve the quality of the software on my Grandparents computer. You read me right, Grandparents and computer in the same sentence without any derogative words attached. Basically both their PC and Laptop were running slow and I offered to reformat and reinstall everything. Taking me 6 hours, about a third of which involved collecting all of their files for backup.

Whilst working on their’s my dear young cousin’s was brought to them to be looked over, 500+ nasties my G-parents found, so whilst I was there I fixed his aswell. Note to y’all don’t use the ‘Bear Share’ download program, stick with something reputable, if there is such a thing in peer to peer downloading. So I’m on my second day now and dropping his off, low and behold my Uncles gone and wiped everything off his computer!! So now I have to do a multi-partition ghost data search and dump, the search took 5+ hours and the file dump took 15 minutes.

And since I found that their hard-drive came from Dell at a usage of about 100 GB of 150 GB I had to sort that out and reinstall windows and all their device drivers, I just wish Dell would include the most important one, the Ethernet card one then perhaps I might be able to update all other via the net.

Lessons learnt:

  • Family are very generous when you solve their computer problems.
  • Dell can’t collate install data nor install windows for the life of them.