Random Encounter

So I’ve gone off to Bristol to get myself setup for University restarting next week and I decide to look up some old friends. Despite missing an update on the ol’ address thing I managed to eventually track them down.

We chat for a while catch up, show off all our new gadgets and find out what each other is doing this year and make plans to go down the pub. Dave’s invited some fellow students from another house to join us and when they arrive low and behold one of them is wearing a World Scout Jamboree T-Shirt! Talk about a small world, and to make things even smaller one of her friends that she has brought with her is a Cub Scout leader!

So we get the end of the table to ourselves and chat about our plans and what we know about what is going on and what we’ll be doing. Katie turns out to be on the splash team and hopefully there’ll be enough people advertising for her to arrive at the most entertaining of venues the Go Jamboree forum.

Go Jamboree 1 Year Anniversery

Over a year ago at the European Scout Jamboree there was an epiphany, the EuroJam forum was closing and there were no plans to launch a WSJ one anytime soon. So to bridge the gap a forum for contingents was created hosted on the most obscure of hosts, hidden in the furthest deeps of the interweb, the site grew and moved onto its own pastures.

Since the original conception 365 days have passed and the forum stands tall at 280 members and 12,000 posts. I knew the idea had a lot of potential but I never thought it would result in what we have, a critical mass of multiple social groups interacting and attracting more everyday, a logo with meaning routed in the deepest core of Scout teachings and an ever growing memorabilia collection.

It certainly turned out well but so far the competition has been fleeting, although I have no doubt that when the official WSJ site and forum launches it will be difficult for us to shine a light compared to the prestige that precedes it. What I can tell you is that regardless we will keep expanding the Go Jamboree forum making and keeping it better than anything else out there, the EuroJam was under featured and we kept wanting more from it I feel we’ve shown what we wanted and how it can be done.

And A Joyous New Year To You

North or South? A conundrum, travel north to Birmingham or South (West) to Bristol for a poorly organised house party?

Luckily at the hour of 4pm an alternative presented itself, not as lavish as the two ‘Bs’ but good food, good drink and good company none-the-less. I spent the evening catching up over EuroJam nostalgia, managed to finally watch the EuroJam DVD, I’ve ordered one of the UK Edition DVDs now, can’t wait for that to come through the post.

Almost missed Jools Holland but managed to just flick it on just in time, it gets me gorping every year that he starts of quiet and sober and finishes loud and drunk. I wonder if its possible to film a guy locked in a room with shit loads of booze and have it be as funny? Hopefully one of my fellow students will try it out…