Allstar’s Map

Behold, I present Allstar’s Mischievous Neckered Pedestrian Camper’s Landscape Overview of the World Scout Jamboree. This little map shows Hylands park in photo format from the sky with the planned individual locations of the Tents used by the Jamboree ( ie not Unit or Staff tents ). Whilst there maybe some changes from the plan most will be in the correct location so its a useful guide at least.

Can be printed out on A4.

Thanks to “AS” for the site design that is laid over the Satellite image.

The Jamboree Map reloaded

A lot of people have seen the Jamboree campsite map posted on the Official website. I didn’t like that it didn’t give much perspective of how large the site really is so I composed this map with the above as an overlay and satellite imagery as the base.

Update: Fixed spelling mistake in map image url.

Funky Guide for Boys

Looking for a Funky Guide T-shirt

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have been told there is a rather cool site called On this site they sell a variety of products with a customisable “Funky Guide” on the front.

As a touch for the adult male population that use the Scout and Guide Organisations as a dating service I’ve mocked up this rather cool touch-up on a Ranger Section Funky Guide.