When does the new decade start? (Was there a year zero?)

Is tomorrow the last day of this decade or do we still have 366 days to go? Either way is acceptable, but because I love finding out the reasons for this sort of thing I thought I’d share them with you. 🙂 Continue reading When does the new decade start? (Was there a year zero?)

Happy New Year!

Two Thousand and eight has been a long slog, or at least it seemed long, perhaps because its the first year in the last 3 where I haven’t had a summer ‘holiday’. EuroJam happened in 2005, GlosCamp was 2006 and the Scouting Centenary and Jamboree in 2007.

There is one advantage to not having time off, I’ve kept myself productive enhancing my design skills, I’m certainly a lot more confident in Photoshop although I do produce a lot more junk which I inevitably ends up on here, luckily here is a playground and not a portfolio. I’ve also switched some jobs to InDesign and Illustrator, but I’m nowhere near as confident as I would want to be for a Design firm, but then I’m assuming that my colleagues there are naturals compared to the proficient individuals at my current place (then again I don’t get enough time to do my best work so presumably they don’t either…)

Speaking of portfolios, I’ve overdue to publish one about now, I’ve got some pretty snazzy pieces that I’m happy to show-off, and aslong as I’m willing to publish them in a professional capacity that’s all that matters really.

Real life play, I’ve watched less movies, 151 to be exact, 20 less than 2007. Still it sounds like a lot, almost 3 a week! But I’ve been out to see at least 20 of those at the cinema on social occasions so they don’t really count :p

I’ve never really been one for resolutions, I suppose I could watch less movies, and I want to watch more independent ones, just because the stories tend to be better. Luckily at the end of 2008 I was introduced to a quaint little joint in Northampton which I can keep an eye on. I suppose I could find some fellow Northants Bloggers and do meetups, actually yes, that’s my resolution, I’m going to be a more social blogger. I’m going to make it to at least one WordCamp before the end of 2009!

And A Joyous New Year To You

North or South? A conundrum, travel north to Birmingham or South (West) to Bristol for a poorly organised house party?

Luckily at the hour of 4pm an alternative presented itself, not as lavish as the two ‘Bs’ but good food, good drink and good company none-the-less. I spent the evening catching up over EuroJam nostalgia, managed to finally watch the EuroJam DVD, I’ve ordered one of the UK Edition DVDs now, can’t wait for that to come through the post.

Almost missed Jools Holland but managed to just flick it on just in time, it gets me gorping every year that he starts of quiet and sober and finishes loud and drunk. I wonder if its possible to film a guy locked in a room with shit loads of booze and have it be as funny? Hopefully one of my fellow students will try it out…