Playing by the Rules and winning outside convention

I’ve just read an epic piece the like of which I would love to be able to write it involves Lawrence of Arabia, David and Goliath, Indiana Jones, an A.I. called Eurisko and the Redwood City girls Junior Basketball team.

It’s whooping 8 pages long so if you don’t want to paginate through heres the one page printable version.


The piece is ultimately about the Basketball team, a fair-minded coach that was new to the game questioned the conventional defensive playstyle of other teams and acted as he thought best. This is where David an Goliath comes in his team were not as adept at the game as their opponents, they were the underdogs and they won.

This leads to (T. E.) Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones, Lawrence beat the Ottoman Army occupying Aqaba in Arabia near the end of the First World War by not attacking where they were strongest but were they were weakest; their flank. If I remember correctly from Strategy games (like Age of Empires) its similar to the Fabian strategy, where you win by attrition. You can see this in the Indiana Jones Chronicle: Daredevils of the Desert.

The AI was used to design a navy fleet capable of beating another custom designed navy. Its suggestion was lots of ships with no defence, whilst one shot would sink one ship a 1000 ships would take longer to destroy than ten ships requiring 10 shots each.


Arrived rather late, no body cared, shows how important this crumby job is. Got into work cut-out the articles from Today’s newspaper, filled the paperwork and passed them to the photo tray for someone to resize which I can’t do because I’ve still not been given photoshop.

Steve not in during the day, he did pop in during the evening to check on how things were going, we had a rather good system, Tony and Andy doing the paperwork, I was ripping the articles out and hoppo was doing the image resizing and passing on to whomever was available to put the article online.

During this little conveyor belt of workforce co-ordination Tony graciously offered to buy everyone working a round of “99’s” under the premise that ‘his house is paid for’. Must be marvellous to be able to do that on a whim, certainly going to try to do that when I get a job.

I’ve finished the resources page generator for the SSAGO, its been long overdue but its one of those tasks I’ve left till my 2007-8 term of office so there will be a real contrast between what’s been achieved in one compared to the other.

On the SSAGO website there is someone from Coleraine (Ireland) that wants to join a SSAGO Club. This poses some interesting opportunities for the Exec, there hasn’t been a club in Ireland from a fair few years now and if one can be setup they can be used as a shining example to other Irish Universities to get themselves going. Possibly opens the likelihood of a purpose to go there, I mean if I’m going to go on a plane Ireland isn’t my first thought.

Yesterday in the evening I was happily in the mood for a Guinness but Nick deterred me with the satire comment that “I must be feeling rich” but today with the realisation that I only had 5 tokens left it made more sense to spend them all rather than have 1 left over.

I managed to swap one of my UK Contingent Pins for one of the American World Scout Jamboree pins, I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t get to trade any of them and that I had wasted my money ordering them in the first place!

After we’d had some of Bart’s Birthday cake and Jess and I had both finished our drinks we head-off for Harbour sub-camp to see her old friend and my relatively (we only met at EuroJam 2005) new friend Merry AKA Lisa. It was dark when we arrived but luckily there was a lighthouse on the main entrance to guide us in! They had a mentalist, or at least some sort of person doing thinking stuff to the watching participants, I much prefer this sort of entertainment to what we’ve had so far, it seems more…intimate the audience are far better involved in the act than just spectating. We eventually found ERIC, Essex R.I.C something or other where Merry and her group were staying.