The second day without our Team Leader, all content that could go up went up by 2pm, so started on finishing the File and Directory view for the SSAGO Resources section. There are still a few bugs but I’ll tidy them up tomorrow if we finish as early again.

Having spent all this time listening to Dave and Simon battle with the server to keep their ad hoc CMS working and coding the resource viewer its got me thinking about using my new freetime post Jamboree to ‘make’ my own, it’ll have everything all my current sites have plus I’ll be able to easily refine it rather than having to learn everyone elses work first. Plus if its good enough I could offer to lend it to GGUK for their Jamboree in 2010 which if I managed to get the honour would be pretty awesome.

Anyway, thats a long term project such as the guy who wrote a novel on his mobile phone so don’t expect much on this for a while.

Left early for dinner, almost didn’t have anyone to sit with, not for being late but for being early! Luckily I managed to spy Beck and we had a pleasant conversation about sectioning of Girlguiding and Scouting and how Scouting chose to be all inclusive and GGUK do not. I wonder whether 12% of the people at the GGUK Jamboree will be Scouts? Thats the percentage of Guides in the UK Contingent to the World Scout Jamboree. Can’t really complain too much I’m in GGUK after all, Unit Leader, yay!

After dinner bumped into Jess, I’ve seen her alot around the Jamboree much more than Mary which is good I suppose because these days if Mary is around me to much I might just explode, that and Jess encourages the child in me which helps with the unwinding each evening.

Jess had with her Lucy, someone named after the Lucy in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

After a extremely long wait for the Badminton court, we managed to get a few games in before the pub quiz. Now I’ve been to a few pub quizes in my time and I’ve never had one as hard as this, name the “longest rivers in these continents”, “name the currency in these countries”, “what country hosted the Jamboree in which year?” the one we actually did best in was “name that flag” that was our only 100% round, although we scored bonus points for our tinfoil B-P hat. Our team was a bit of a mismatch, Jess, Lucy, me, some random guy called James, Andy (later), Amanda and 2 other people I don’t know by name, still! One was John, I think :S

After the Quiz Jess and I had a little rumble with our lightsabers and Lucy recorded it, what can I say? We were high on Irn-Bru!

First Social Event of the Year

This year seems set to be awesome, I’ve got an amazing room, a lovely floormate ( thats you Sarah 😉 ) and reasonably cheap rent/bills, what more could I want? A full social planner!

On a whim I invited myself to a pub quiz I overheard Sarah being invited to, okay rude of me I accept this but its a fracking pub quiz, I’ve had years of practice with Network:MK that surely must be a benefit to ‘the team’, if I had someone strange join in with my group of friends and right off the bat they promoted success they would be fine in my book, otherwise they would take the usual windy road. In all likeliness we weren’t going to win but there is no warm planning for a success.

We arrived a tad early for my benefit so everyone could introduce themselves as they arrived, it were joined by Jody, Tara and Vicky. Tara was just visiting Jody, she seemed a little distracted all night I kept trying to involved her from what I thought was a longing for her boyfriend but it turns out it was just flu. Still I bet she thought I was hitting on her.

Vicky, probably thought I was hitting on her with a comment like “ you pull off wearing that [short] skirt well“, mostly it was just an innocent compliment but the rest was to distract from what I thought they thought was an interest in Tara.

Jody, the alpha female, tried not to get confrontational with her but still produce a healthy competition. I played the girls are better than boys card but apparently I don’t have the nack so note: don’t do that again.

This was all far too complicated for my liking, them sizing me up, me sizing them, all around a ‘fun’ quiz in a pub. When did making friends become such a sociological battlefield instead a character expanding exercise?

Towards the end of the quiz an additional soul joined us, a cherubic Kelly. Certainly different to the rest who regaled us of her messy breakup,

And to top it all off Sarah and myself achieved a healthy 11th quiz position in the above average sized pub.

I said it would be Erratic!

In an act of generosity I’ve taken my little sister the cinema to see the latest Harry Potter and I unexpectedly bumped into an ex-cinema college, great chap apparently he quit that gig not long after me and tried other avenues. Can’t say I blame him but apparently all the jobs he tried sucked more so there he was at it again, selling tickets and popcorn.

Missed last weeks pub quiz because ‘Mr. Sophisticated’ was in Mascadonia, it’s alright for some, least we got to go this week. We won diddlely squat but even if we did with the Jackpot going at £270 odd before Xmas it was a mere £25 odd this week.

Caught up with an ol’ school chum Tuesday, it’s great seeing what he’s upto these days considering I thought we were both going to do the same thing post A-levels. I suppose through him I get to see what my alternative life would be like. A cracking chap and over due a visit to Uni-town.

And finally tonight, I’ve left the refinement of my manifesto for SSAGO exec till the last minute which has really gotten my adrenaline running. What a giggle, hope my tardiness doesn’t let me down.