Bespoke Baby Babble Boom

There seems to be a confluence about babies and children talk around me at the minute, if I had brought up the subject I could understand it but colleagues are expanding their families, friends are becoming parents and its all over the television.

With the recession reducing the number of jobs and hours available for designers its not surprising that 3 of my colleagues are expanding their families. If you think about it by the time their babies can be sent to daycare (if the parent caring for them wants to go back to work) the economic crisis will be further along and jobs hopefully more available. Without knowing any other information you must admit it makes sense.

I can’t control what’s on the television (but if I could how cool would that be?) so any similar story lines are co-incidental, though, in all honesty producers want their show to be unique to attract more viewers so they wouldn’t want them to be similar. Add to the fact that ontop of the 3 modern shows I’m watching I’m also following up a directors work from earliest to latest that has concluded with a situation comedy involving pregnancy.

Friends are getting pregnant by choice and fate, this wouldn’t be suprising as friends usually get pregnant around the sametime to experience it together. Still, couple that with 3 colleagues and 4 shows I’m starting to see a trend.

Parenthood is a big issue so I suppose its inevitable that all of this sort of talk would easily overlap, but with so many disconnected sources to break open the parenthood issue in the same week could there be a bigger force at work here? It just seems too improbable for there to be so many conceptions converge around me at the sametime. Spring is truly in the air.

Small Detail, Big Importance

Through the course of your life you arrive at a variety of junctures where you reflect on the sum of your past experiences to make a decision about your future.

When going to University you look at what you’ve been good at and what you’ve liked, find a compromise and pick a course along that avenue. Choosing a house you tally what you liked about your origin, and presumably what you know of your partners and look for something similar for your family.

You wouldn’t know it but everyday you make the minutest of decisions that can affect the rest of your life, and unlike ones similar to what has already been mentioned you do not give them a lot of thought.

What could they be? Where you go to eat that day? Who you decide to sit next to? No, these are serendipitous events, that you didn’t choose to happen but they did. And confusedly they didn’t choose to happen but they did, so really both of you and neither of you choose for it to happen.

What you did decide on for the remotest of decisions is what you are wearing. Okay dressing for the part you play in the day, interview, lectures, work comes into it but the fine details are jumped over yet can be of the utmost importance. A necklace with a Crucifix or Star of David could spark the interest of someone of a similar faith that could lead to a romantic embrace or something a simple as a pair of socks, Hiking socks could suggest a fondness for the outdoors, stripy socks an indie affinity.

Whilst this/these items might not define you as a person they are a proverbial keyhole that someone can choose to look through and see the chamber beyond that is you. So perhaps you might want to reconsider which t-shirt you don today?

Random Encounter

So I’ve gone off to Bristol to get myself setup for University restarting next week and I decide to look up some old friends. Despite missing an update on the ol’ address thing I managed to eventually track them down.

We chat for a while catch up, show off all our new gadgets and find out what each other is doing this year and make plans to go down the pub. Dave’s invited some fellow students from another house to join us and when they arrive low and behold one of them is wearing a World Scout Jamboree T-Shirt! Talk about a small world, and to make things even smaller one of her friends that she has brought with her is a Cub Scout leader!

So we get the end of the table to ourselves and chat about our plans and what we know about what is going on and what we’ll be doing. Katie turns out to be on the splash team and hopefully there’ll be enough people advertising for her to arrive at the most entertaining of venues the Go Jamboree forum.

New Blog!

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve given up trying to use msn-space, it was fun and exciting in January when I gave in to peer pressure to get one going but not only could I not update the pages in FF but when I did in IE there would inevitably be a crash and I would lose 30mins/hour worth of typing. Not to mention if in the future I decided to move I couldn’t export everything so I have had a browse around the web and seen what is available.

Here’s a wicked site that truly gives credit to the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover, it mostly unstyled but the info is amazing, Blog Software Breakdown . If you’re looking to move away from msn space I would certainly look here first.

My key requirements were a database storage method, PHP, plugins no code edits ( I have to do enough of them as it is for phpBB ) and all the usual trappings you would expect from a blog; comments, photobloging etc etc.

In the end my criteria whittled it down to 3 contenders, b2evolution, Serendipity and WordPress.

Looking at it Serendipity seems like a new kid on the block compared to the rest, it didn’t quite get into the Google Summer of Code [proof] which took me back a notch or too but despite this it did have a few plugins I couldn’t find the equivilent of in other other contenders. The auto install was nice too, no need to download a plugin then ftp it into place just look click it installs, fantastic. A good starters for beginners.

Whilst WordPress seems to be the most popular for web gurus it lacked some plugin features the I really like the look of in Serendipity. It also seemed a bit much so my learning curve would be a little longer than with others.

b2evolution just didn’t really impress me visually or in the back end so despite its simplicity of install, and its gorgeously easy to read coding I decided against this one too.

My final choice was Serendipity, but after a week worth of adjusting it I found that some things weren’t quite what I expected, although their coders are very helpful and prompt through its forum in telling me what I wanted/needed to do I felt if this was the way I was going to continue I should get out now and have switched yet gain to WordPress. Which apparently can’t import from serendipity but Serendipity can import from WordPress. Having gone to WordPress and finding that a) not all the mods are compatible with the latest version and b) there isn’t a central official repository I quickly shifted back to Serendipity until there is as they say it’ll be very very soon*

So there you have it, why I chose my new blog, shiney, clever and robust so hopefully there should be more frequent updates! Not to mention a slew of other stuff!