See You Next Year

Years ago the fad was to highlight important moments in movies using a certain gimmick, after a decade or so the gimmick receded to its usual medium and occasionally bobbed it head out to say hello. Usually it was well received, akin to a liked relative but, until very recently, there has been very little interest in inviting that relative on purpose.

I’m talking about Musicals; the spontaneous bursting out in singing and dancing. Mamma Mia has really brought the singsong into the limelight, Hugh Jackman whom a few can remember performed Curly in the Royal National Theatre’s Oklahoma! is a well established singer and brilliantly rendered the opening tribute to the 81st Academy Awards. I wasn’t expected something so bold, perhaps a comedy dialogue but the small cabaret routine blew me away. I digress, And of course for those of us in the geeky know; Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog a web based production by the (Joss) Whedon clan.

It seems that Musicals are back in fashion, but for some of us they never really have been out, the Milton Keynes Gang Show is 19 years old this year, Milton Keynes Scouting and Guiding have been at it for nearly 20 years we don’t do it because its a fad, we do it because the Stage is a magical place where anything can happen. What you can imagine can be made manifest, everyone says the perfect thing and acts at the right time. And its a whole lot of fun too!

It has always been a pleasure performing in the Milton Keynes Gang Show, based on the feedback, the close to capacity theatre crowds and the atmosphere backstage it was a huge success. It certainly has been great being back this year, catching up with everyone and seeing how the junior cast have grown up. By co-incidence I found a 2001 Programme in the cupboards, it was one of the last shows I was in before going off to University. Inside were pictures of the entire cast, including a very young me and many of my old Vortex V.S.U..

The moments that I’m going to keep with me the longest are Adam’s 120% volume onstage cockup when his recruits made him so angry he forgot his lines! I think I’m also going to fondly remember doing the Street Dance sketch, and its multitude of rehearsals, which as I mentioned in a one of my last posts I luckily landed.

It been a great 6 months and I can’t wait to do it again in another six, I hope you all enjoyed it too and we’ll see you next year