Remembering the Future

At a young age you imagine what it’ll be like when you grow up, whether you’re going to be an actor(ess), Fireman or Space Cowboy. You create an entire life in the blink of an eye, you’ve streamlined out all the boring preparations to the fun bit at the end, the goal. Unfortunately not all of these daydreams can come true, for whatever reason you get detoured and things change, for some people its major, others’ practically unnoticeable.

To believe that you could’ve achieved your dream if it weren’t for certain obstacles is easy, optimists would say that if you really apply yourself you can do anything, but some obstacles truly are unavoidable, not in the sense of fate or destiny but simply uncontrollable random events.

For those that didn’t get exactly what they dreamt, nor are happy with the outcome there is a quote that you’ll appreciate:

The most painful state of being is remembering the future, particularly one you can never have.

Søren Kierkegaard

I never had a dream of becoming anything particular, I had one of those aptitude tests and I remember the top two results to this day 1) Actor, 2) Naval Architect. I suppose a graphic designer is a good blend between them, the structure and function of architecture with the character and creativity of a Thespian. I’m fairly happy with what I do, my only regret, the future that I remember is knowing when I was younger what I would enjoy design and geared myself towards it sooner rather than playing catchup essentially being further along with my life than I am. However the slow road has its advantages…..

So even though your future never happened the fact that it could is a great source of melancholy, but still trying for it is a great source of hope. And any source of hope is a good thing, even if it comes from sadness.

What futures do you remember?

TV Show Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures

My original intention was to watch this as it aired with it being a Doctor Who spin-off I expected great things similar to the tributary Torchwood but something distracted me and I had to watch a rerun, I suppose I knew before I’d even watch it I wouldn’t be gripped on the edge of my seat.

Sarah Jane seemed a little friendlier than the Doctor (perhaps its her humanity?) which worked in her favour. I can see this being being a transitional series for young ones not yet introduced to The Doctor, they start young with this and as they see more of this and get introduced to the idea of the Who Universe their curiosity will build and eventually watch Doctor Who to find out about this man that affected Sarah Jane so intimately.

Whilst I appreciated that her approach to problems will be very similar to the Doctor’s utilising his technique shouldn’t work. The Doctor is highly intelligent compared to humans so he’s able to consider a great deal more solutions to a problem on the fly. In comparison a human would need a lot longer to think up as many and thus we can’t function as well as the Doctor without planning ahead. I can see some audiences getting frustrating with SJ solving problems in a manner that we can’t even understand.

The Sonic Lipstick! Brilliant idea for a lady although again it just a copy of the Doctor, who could she have series of devices that all solve different problems? Perhaps she will but with a device we can only assume to be as robust as the Sonic Screwdriver why would she need one? The Doctors managed time and again without so Sarah Jane should too.

It’s a shame she never found someone for herself in the Doctors wake but I suppose if the Doctor can find people with the seed of his perspective such as Rose, Sarah Jane, Melanie Bush, Peri Brown so on and so forth then Sarah Jane must beable to find someone and as such I expect some romantic interests at some point.

It’s a good start for things and I look forward to watching even if some aspects are disappointingly or need more unfurl time to be appreciated.