Work Addiction?

So I’m watching this report on ITV investigating Video Gaming Addiction, when I was little I played and played games day in day out, these days I can’t even imagine sitting down to play an hour. I know that to make any decent progress; level up once or move onto the next area it’s going to take me a few hours possibly even a few hours everyday for a week. I’ve got to re-acquaint myself with the game controls, practice so I don’t ruin how well I was doing 6 months-3 years ago and get going again.

These days its wake up, goto University, come home, if there are no plans its finish of this recreational project or a movie to unwind, sleep and repeat. The inner critic rationalises that because I’m not turning down social opportunities to work I’m not addicted but why do I feel so much more at ease when I on camp and can’t work?

I LOVE computer games, I really do, you can participate in events you couldn’t do in real life, dodge bullits, fly, fight, drive. duck, jump, force-push. Its a lovely escape from reality, but thats just it, its not real and all those scores and stats don’t count.

I produce as much as the next guy, more so even, website results are like icebergs; you only see 10% the rest is hidden under, water or behind the pretty template. Yet actually producing something isn’t enough for some people who think that they work hard when infact all they do is send a dozen or so emails each week (like I don’t!). Perhaps I should prove a point and print out every single line of code I’ve cut’n’pasted or written and display it all at my next opportunity? I wonder if the point will be taken?

This is possibly the biggest sign that my childhood is over, work whether it be ‘recreational’ or educational dominates my time instead of play, I didn’t see it coming nor did I ever think that I would fall victim to this affliction as all other adults have. I think its now too late to set course for the second star to the left and go straight on till morning…