There are many things available for free that everybody has in some form or another. The time for example; a Rich Person would have a highly expensive watch or an aboriginal could tell you by looking at the Sun. In either case I’m sure they would tell you without cost.

There are more important properties than that though, and most of them are intangible. Among my favourites are Freedom and Honour. Freedom, in all its forms, can be taken away, its happened extensively throughout history and I’m not qualified to quantify it. The other, honour, I am quite happy to talk about.

A person’s behaviour, attitude, and honesty all play big parts in someone’s honour. Someone who acts wrongly but has the best of intentions has honour, someone who is caught lying about it does not. There are many aspects to honour, a trait that is less a less represented by the person but by little bits of paper marked with “CV“, resumé and ‘balance’.

All too often society, even individuals shun someone who on one occasion acted rudely, even inappropriately but for the other 364 days in the year has been a upstanding individual. People have started to forget a person’s honour and how important it is. So next time someone ticks you off think how long you’ve known them and whether their reason for being that way was well intended but was received poorly.

Evil Ex-Housemate

So if you haven’t heard the situation already, last academic year I moved in with 4 other people. Long story short one of them ‘left’ the house and left a bunch of her stuff inside leaving it there for 6 months. During this time her rent was not paid so when the contract ended there was an outstanding £1200 that needed to be paid, £1000 was covered by eating all of our deposits and that left £50 to be paid each. We would have to get all of it back through small claims court which is more trouble than its worth.

And today just to bring this entire debockle into the foreground a letter jumps under my door from the letting agency saying that we owe another £400 between us in repairs and cleaning. I swear at all possible opportunities were I could help this girl I will make it my business to incline her to solve my problems (being out of pocket) before I solve hers.

She owes a collective £1300 plus bills. That will make my share to be around £400, that money could be spent already on my World Scout Jamboree fees which I only have 3 months left to pay in part of full.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold”

Klingon Proverb

If anyone has any ideas besides making sure she receives a summons to small claims court on how I can get what I’m owed then please jot your ideas down for me.

Moral of the story is, don’t get involved in a group contract with people you don’t know.