Websites you’ll visit once (maybe twice)

When I happen across a site with a uniquely absurd purpose, useful in the remotest likelihood I’ll need it again but not useful enough to remember, I save it. I’ve decided to share the best of the feckless bookmark bunch with you for humorous purposes,

Effectively Dating for Socks, you loose one sock or find another? This is the place to reunite them. It’s quite scarey the distances that socks manage to travel without their owners.

I don’t know how accurate other people need to me but usually I get away with the 12 places on my calculator. The guys either had a lot of hot linking problems or has made so many index pages so it gets more hits on the adsense. Bypass the junk indexes to the number here

Have you ever been watching a television series and felt its still going despite now being completely interesting? The urban phrase used for this occasion is that it has “jumped the shark”, it comes from during the series Happy Days when ‘The Fonze’ jumps a shark to try and hike up ratings. See also “Nuke the Fridge”.

Aria, as in Opera. Opera is a dramatic work which combines a text (called a libretto) and a musical score, it is also a rather good internet browser, this site is about music. You never know you might want to look up the Le Nozze di Figaro from the Shawshank Redemption.

Similar to Google Maps but on the moon, will be very useful when we get a moonbase like our parents were promised in the 70s and 80s. You’ll be able to plan you journey from your residential bubble to your friends with exact directions and timings, although at 1/6th Earths gravity you might be able to get there a little quicker.

Five websites with just enough information to entertain you but not really enough to make you check everyday. Drop a comment to let me know if you actually make use of them.

Film Review: Transformers

My toys when I had a single digit age were Transformers, I saw the amazing animated movie at the cinema and even dressed up as Optimus Prime for a Halloween. As such in my teenage years I daydreamed what a live action film would be like, drawing on conclusions from what I’d seen in the cinema that week, be it The Matrix, or Episode 1. As years passed I grew more and more doubtful anyone from my generation would write a screenplay to get it directed and produced. Now its 2007 and my extremely high expectations have just about been reached.

Whilst I didn’t expect blocky robots with grotesque transformations I never imagined that the Autobots and Decepticons would be depicted so authentically. All the internal parts of the vehicle modes are visible in the humanoid form which is absolutely breathtaking, I don’t care how much it cost to render all the frames at 38 hours each it was worth every penny. However, now that the initial thrill is over I bet in the sequel (and there blatantly has to be one) there are more panels covering the mechanical organs, probably ret-con’d in as armour now that they are warring again.

Showed me something uncommon then, and a rarity now; for once the good guys didn’t always win outright at the conclusion of that weeks episode but they did eventually triumph in that particular story arch which meant that anything could happen and kept me guessing each week and inspiring me to work it out with my toys. With the eighties show being so iconic I assumed that the film might do the same, whilst the tale didn’t regale me as a beloved intrepid leader falling at the hands of the enemy the special effects did, something progressively harder in these insensitive times.

As for the toys, I owned Optimus Prime, both the original version and the Power Master version. I did not have Megatron, which is easily forgiveable because his alt mode was a pistol and given one of them to a kid is not something I would be entirely happy with today, toys guns should look like toys, plastic and brightly coloured. Maybe I’m being to PC but there are many parents not being protective enough out there and others being too much, if I fall into the ‘to much’ category on this issue so be it. Anyway, with the detail on the transformations being so high I’m interested to see how they engineer the newline of toys…

Hopefully you’ve kept reading to this point and as such I’ll not keep your attention much longer. This film whilst not entirely faithful to the animation that I loved so much is a fantastic watch. An entertaining story, great effects and superb performances.
Rating 96%

Wallpapers: Standard (4:3) and Widescreen (16:9)

TV Show Review: The Sarah Jane Adventures

My original intention was to watch this as it aired with it being a Doctor Who spin-off I expected great things similar to the tributary Torchwood but something distracted me and I had to watch a rerun, I suppose I knew before I’d even watch it I wouldn’t be gripped on the edge of my seat.

Sarah Jane seemed a little friendlier than the Doctor (perhaps its her humanity?) which worked in her favour. I can see this being being a transitional series for young ones not yet introduced to The Doctor, they start young with this and as they see more of this and get introduced to the idea of the Who Universe their curiosity will build and eventually watch Doctor Who to find out about this man that affected Sarah Jane so intimately.

Whilst I appreciated that her approach to problems will be very similar to the Doctor’s utilising his technique shouldn’t work. The Doctor is highly intelligent compared to humans so he’s able to consider a great deal more solutions to a problem on the fly. In comparison a human would need a lot longer to think up as many and thus we can’t function as well as the Doctor without planning ahead. I can see some audiences getting frustrating with SJ solving problems in a manner that we can’t even understand.

The Sonic Lipstick! Brilliant idea for a lady although again it just a copy of the Doctor, who could she have series of devices that all solve different problems? Perhaps she will but with a device we can only assume to be as robust as the Sonic Screwdriver why would she need one? The Doctors managed time and again without so Sarah Jane should too.

It’s a shame she never found someone for herself in the Doctors wake but I suppose if the Doctor can find people with the seed of his perspective such as Rose, Sarah Jane, Melanie Bush, Peri Brown so on and so forth then Sarah Jane must beable to find someone and as such I expect some romantic interests at some point.

It’s a good start for things and I look forward to watching even if some aspects are disappointingly or need more unfurl time to be appreciated.