Free Multimedia Software

Free software is a great thing. However because it’s free the people that labour over the code don’t have any extra cash to spend on advertising it, you only really get to know about it through word of mouth. A old friend, Hazel, has put together a list of useful software to help spread by word of mouth what she thinks are the best ones out there. However she has missed off audio and video software something I hope to fill in.


  1. K-Lite Codecs

    Before you can even watch a video or hear audio you need to know you can open it. For this you need a coder-decoder, this pack contains pretty much every one you could need in one swoop along with a fallback media player (Media Player Classic).

  2. QuickTime

    Free from apple, needed for a lot of content online, mainly inline trailers, you won’t need the full version for full screen offline playback.

  3. Winamp

    You’ll want this to play just about everything offline, its got a low memory footprint which is always desirable.

Audio Editting

  1. Audacity

    Works on multiple platforms and has a nice minimalistic interface for editting audio shallow learning curve makes this recommended for beginners.

  2. GoldWave

    Frequent updates, quick rendering with lots of visual aids for audio editting.
    Recommended for users with some experience.

Video Editting

  1. Kino

    Similar to Windows Movie Maker in friendliness, reliable, easy for beginners. Interface has changed a lot recently, it may do again.

  2. Avidemux

    A lot more comprehensive than Window Movie Maker, but works on many more systems. Steep learning curve.

Audio Recording

  1. Free Rip

    Convert your CD’s into MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA format whilst getting all the track information and naming them correctly for easy finding later. Very quick, very reliable.

I’ve used all of these myself on a Windows Computer, I can’t make any promises about them working on a *nix or Mac but I doubt many of them wouldn’t.

There you go, everything you could possibly need to make your own sounds and videos and you didn’t even need to spend a penny. There are firms that pay studio alot for there suites and now you can do similar jobs for next to nothing!


My father and I sat down to watch the 1968 classic Bullitt tonight on the Sky box. I always wondered how this car chase ranked in Top 10s after so long, after watching it (in HD of course) I completely understand why.

Obviously the chase clip is out of context but you can, despite the loss of quality in encoding, appreciate the views, the pace, and the atmosphere of the chase. I hope you like it as well and will try to watch the movie at some point just to see it properly.

Some take it too far

The word fan means to be an enthusiastic devotee, a follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity or activity. It originally comes from the word fanatic which means: a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal.

I will admit to being a fan, many people would, however how many people who say they are fans are infact fanatics?

This video for example: Warp Factor Love a chap singing about going beyond a fictional speed limitation and fall in love.

To make matters psychologically worse for this man he has been given a stoke to his ego by having an entire documentary made about him. AUTO DESTRUCT: One Man’s Obsession With William Shatner.

Firstly, do either of these things help him actually fall in love which seems to be a priority for him? He’s making a song that is only going to be an aphrodisiac to an incredibly select group, change the lyrics to faster than 90 miles an hour, throw a couple of ‘bade’ words in and you’re set. Can you really just keep talking about one thing over and over?

There are much better things to do like going on camps….. 😎